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Hi Everyone,

I am a french guy from Montreal, had the chance to drive a CTS4 2009 3.0l for a few months 2 years ago and loved it. Now that I can finally change my Durango since we but my wife a nicer SUV (2009 Suburban LTZ), I am starting to search for my dream Cadillac!

Hesitations are as follow;

3.0 vs 3.6, difference, reliability, gas mileage, maintenance...

Nav system usefull or crappy and better use a 300$ one from Best buy?

I drive around 50k to 60k kms per year and plan on keeping the car for about 3 years so it will definitly end up passing the 200k line... Any worry on things I should pay close attention to?

Budget is around 25k$, any major difference between a 2008 and 2010?

Thanks in advance, even if you could answer only one or two questions!!!

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I believe the 3.0 has noisy injectors (from what I've heard), other than that I can't hink of many issues with either. Keep in mind many of these cars are starting to cross the 100k barrier.

I don't think there would be much difference between 08s and 10s. I haven't heard of any significant issues with any particular model year, but that's better answered by trolling the CTS forums.

From what I've heard, a nav from Best Buy would be more well spent cash. It's more easily updateable, more supported as it ages, and typically more accurate.

Good luck on your search! :thumbsup:

Nice choice on the wife's truck! Suburbans are SWEET, and they will go forever.

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