: Fuel economy - 3.6 AWD

04-11-13, 12:07 PM
Hello everyone - new member, first post. I've had my CTS Coupe for a few years and have browsed the forum on occasion but never joined.

Looking to upgrade to a 2013 SRX Performance AWD for a little more utility. The coupe is a great car but the space constraints have gotten a bit old and later this year I plan on getting a dog.

Noob question - how are you doing in fuel economy for a 3.6l AWD? I get about 19mpg overall in the coupe and I would expect some reduction since the SRX is heavier and not as aerodynamic. In fact, I've calculated that I should get around 16.5mpg in the SRX. Does that sound about right?

It's not a big concern but if it's much worse I might skip the SRX and go straight for something full-sized.

Someone that is better than me at searching the site will probably dig up a previous thread on the topic but I didn't find much for 3.6l out there.

04-11-13, 12:20 PM
Not a 2013 but a year old 2012 AWD Premium with 22K miles. Mileage in town is 17-18 range if I don't get heavy footed. Highway mileage is 21-22 range. My overall average since I purchased is 19 MPG.

04-11-13, 01:16 PM
Average is going to be 18-20 overall. Some say they get 21-22 average. I have owned 2 , and my average is 18-20. The 3.6 engine is really agreat engine. The torgue is amazing. So much better then the 3.0 i had in my first SRX. If a person is really concerned about mileage, don't buy any SUV.

Huey Driver
04-11-13, 04:46 PM
I get a little over 18 with 'city' (more accurately 'suburbs') driving. 'Pure' Highway can go upwards of 24....

04-17-13, 01:10 PM
Update - decided against a full sized truck, especially with the new ones coming out soon. SRX coming home tomorrow or Friday! Thanks for the input.

04-17-13, 07:47 PM
Update - decided against a full sized truck, especially with the new ones coming out soon. SRX coming home tomorrow or Friday! Thanks for the input.

Congrats pal ... What trim did you get?

04-19-13, 07:50 AM
Thanks! I got the Performance trim with AWD. Picking it up this afternoon, will post pics sometime this weekend... if it stops raining!

04-19-13, 08:55 AM
I am located in Canada and picked up my 2013 AWD on Monday night . I drove from Toronto to Ottawa yesterday and the dashboard said 12.4 avg litres per 100. As well the amount of gas used for this drive was almost 3/4 of a tank. Appx 380 kilometres and avg speed was 118 KPH.

04-19-13, 02:28 PM
I can't state actual mileages, but I can give you a rough estimate. Our SRX is my wife's car, so driving sensibly is out of the question...can I say that ;<(. On our previous Lincoln MKX, she got about 16-17 mpg and went on average 6-7 days on a tank of gas. We drove it to DC last summer and got an average of 22 MPG for the trip. The SRX has a 1 gallon bigger fuel tank, but she is going at least 10 days on a tank of fuel and has gone as long as 13 days. She still drives like a fool, but that's another story. I have estimated that she is getting in at least 19-20 MPG and the car has less than 3000 mile on it so I have been pleasantly surprised. Someday, I may actually get to drive it and figure out what kind of mileage it is actually capable of. The one thing I have never been able to figure out, she loves cars and she wants them to have all the features and buttons she can possibly get, but I can't seem to get her to reset the travel computer when she gets gas.....go figure.

07-04-13, 05:30 PM
I am getting 15.5 Mpg. When I first bought it I got 13.2, and it has slowly climbed over the months as the engine is broken in. I commute in LA so it's all city driving so far. I always drive with the ECO button on, I like it's shift points.

07-04-13, 09:15 PM
I average 22 US MPG. 40% city/town 60% highway. Since purchased 3 months ago. 18 xxx kms on it to date. - No ECO mode.
Also averaged 22 US MPG on 9672 km round trip through the states "a la" Hot Rod Power Tour.

07-04-13, 09:20 PM
19.3 per info screen. This is about 30 miles of 40-60 mph highway traffic and 10 miles of stop and go 0-35 mph city traffic per day. 8,000 miles. I'm happy with that. Wife drives in eco mode but makes no effort to save fuel.