: Engaaging display of business etiquette from energy suspension. NOT.

Motown Cad
04-10-13, 09:04 PM
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Customer Comments/Inquiry:

I am very surprised you make parts for 2004-7 CTS but nothing for the 2004-7
CTS V. The V model is the performance model and is tracked extensively by
it's owners. There are 10,129 V models. Are you going to make a complete
kit for every single V bushing. It would be popular and you would make a
significant profit. Looking forward to your answer.

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Subject: RE:
From: michael hurley [mailto:hurleymb@hotmail.com]
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Thanks for the quick reply (albeit in all CAPS). It's clear that you have nothing for the CTS V. Hence my inquiry.

But you should know that some of your vendors are selling your parts and stating that they're for CTS's. I would check into that for legal purposes.

Now, let's try again and see if you can "answer" the question I wrote to you. It's a yes or no question and I'll quote it from below.

"Are you going to make a complete kit for every single V bushing?" In other words, do you have plans for the V model?

Thanks again for the quick reply and have a good day.


Mike Hurley

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michael hurley (hurleymb@hotmail.com)
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That was easy, Thanks.

I saw a 24 page, 2 year long thread on some celica forum about the members cheering each other on trying to get these stellar employees on board for building a set of bushings. Incredible persistence was displayed by them. I don't think we would last 24 days.:p

The sad part is this guy is probably half my age and makes twice as much.

04-10-13, 09:46 PM
Even if they made all the bushings I will still order revshift or cs bushings since I would much rather support someone that has been working hard for the community!

Hopefully all the others bushings will be coming available soon!

04-10-13, 09:47 PM
my work pays me to design and make suspension products for cars.

well, catch ya later!

Motown Cad
04-10-13, 10:08 PM
Agreed izcain. Well robo, do you have a stealth of bushings on your car you're not telling us about?

04-11-13, 08:14 AM
maybe i do.