: Your Opinion Please: Refnish...Matte/Satin Black Wheels

04-10-13, 05:10 PM
The factory wheels on ATS Premium 18" staggered machined wheels look fine, but they just look little out of place on my black diamond ATS. It looks fine...but that's it...fine.

Maybe it's because I moved from black diamond CTS-V with satin graphite wheels (yellow calipers).

So I'm thinking about refinishing the wheel (wheels off the car, finished removed, repainted, and baked) in matte/satin black finish.

I have the perfect opportunity this weekend: my dealer is taking a wheel off to be sent out for a repair. The company called Wheel Guard will do the repair, but also can do the refinishing. I got a quote for $175. Since dealer is already paying the repair for one, I'd pay for only other 3 wheels.

Anybody had their wheels refinished like this? Anything done to the rear caliper that's not painted? Pictures to share?

Appreciate any opinions. Thanks!

04-10-13, 06:01 PM
I got new (Black satin) wheels for my Black Diamond CTS coupe.

While it's not the same as the ATS, you can maybe get a feel for it. Not the greatest pictures since I haven't had a chance to really take some nice ones.


04-13-13, 02:25 PM
I have thought about refinishing the painted portions of the wheels to a darker color, to set off the machined finish better. You could consider doing that with the black diamond on the spokes. Porsche offers this kind of treatment as a factory option, and looks great on certain wheels. The machined portion is just clear coated, and could be painted if desired as well.

04-15-13, 12:35 PM
Thanks for the feedback.

At the end I decided not to paint the wheels at this time.

If I did change the color, I don't think I would have stopped there: paint the calipers, black out all bright metal trims, eventually swap to bigger wheels and tires...and lower it so the wheel gap doesn't look so ugly...so on and on. I had a moment like this with car stereo in college...manged to put several thousand dollars worth of equipment on student budget...and was still looking for improvements.

Ever have moment like that??!! : )