: Car and Driver not a big XTS Fan

04-10-13, 08:09 AM
Interesting read. Most comments were pretty favorable though.


04-10-13, 08:30 AM
I drove the standard and really liked it. Maybe the smaller wheels gave it a better ride? Idk.

04-10-13, 03:44 PM
Pull off the crest and replace with four rings, remove the Cadillac name and replace with Audi and the press would love this car. 90+% of buyers of this car would never see a handling advantage of RWD over FWD so people need to get over that argument. I owned a RWD 300C with fantastic handling on dry roads but was a nightmare on slick pavement. Maybe these car magazines should stop testing cars in Southern California and move to Illinois/NY/MA in the winter and then start bitching about FWD.

Having said that, the argument about the drivetrain being basically a Chevy Impala is a valid one. So you're paying for styling and chache. Is that really enough to justify $20K difference? (Don't mention CUE to me. That's not a plus in my book.)

04-10-13, 05:11 PM
yeah, the car mags don't like anything that doesn't have at least 650 HP, and about 10,000 lb ft of torque! Point also well taken about traction in the winter.

04-12-13, 11:11 AM
Pull off the crest and replace with four rings, remove the Cadillac name and replace with Audi and the press would love this car.

VERY well said!!!

04-12-13, 03:06 PM
I agree completely. Rear wheel drive is a pseudo-poser requirement in most magazine driving tests. In the real world, front wheel drive, or better yet, all wheel drive, is so much better than rear wheel drive in real life driving situations that I am constantly amazed that normal people buy that "BS". A normal driver who does not have competition racing experience cannot possibly out-drive FWD or AWD on dry roads. In wet or snow conditions it is not even debatable. I was always amazed that Cadillac was bamboozled by the automotive press into reverting to RWD IN 2005. It didn't take long to offer AWD. Unless you are buying a V Series with real horsepower, I can't see an advantage.

04-13-13, 11:43 PM
God, I feel so lucky not to have read this obnoxious review before I bought my Platinum XTS, or I may not have bought the sweetest car on the market today. Yes, there are things that could make this car better (what car doesn't have a list), but I love this car more everyday. I just hit 6000 miles this week and I think this car has everything - it's quick, quiet, smooth, great technology, music sounds wonderful, great ride, plenty of room, nice visibility, beautiful (in our eyes), but most importantly it's a ton of fun to drive!

C & D can go to hell.

04-14-13, 02:36 PM
I buy a car based on my own opinion. If i bought it based on for example consumer reports: it would be a Toyota Camry. wtf? May as well buy a toaster.

04-15-13, 06:22 AM
The XTS does an excellent job for the market segment it was designed for. Inherently it isn't a C/D inspirational platform, so for C/D to somewhat like it; it is a win-win review IMO.

04-16-13, 10:40 AM
Car and Driver is entitled to appreciate sports cars and evaluate cars accordingly. Many of us are not looking for that kind of driving experience, so we buy cars we enjoy. But what I found annoying about the review wasn't their tastes, it was their age bias. I thought it displayed a remarkable lack of experience outside their own myopic world. I'm 57, and I'm certainly not yet a part of their derisive "anyone not eligible for social security". In fact, I bought my XTS because of the tech and driving dynamics. Furthermore, I have many 20-something friends, and each one loves this car. One 24 year old actually said he thought my choice of the XTS over a 5 Series BMW was best. And I live in an area where I've seen exactly TWO XTS's since they came out. BMW's, Mercedes, and Lexus cars abound. Lastly, everywhere I drive, people look at the car (black diamond, Platinum with the "metal" grill). I get positive remarks all the time, although C&D claims "we failed to hear a single positive remark from anyone not eligible for social security." Simply put, the reviewer is either biased or an idiot, and doesn't get out much. XTS's are what they are, and they aren't perfect. But I believe Caddy did a great job designing a product to meet a diverse market segment and yet present a modern driving experience. I've driven DTS's, and find the XTS to be a much more modern car, much closer to driving my previous '08 STS. Other reviews are much less biased. But, who am I, old as I am, and ready for retirement??? :bigroll:

04-17-13, 04:35 PM
The people writing those articles are just people, they are influenced just like anyone else. I have given up on "I want rwd" or "I want a v8" or "I want German engineering".

I want a car to feel a certain way when I sit inside of it, feel a certain way when I hit the gas/brakes, handle as I think it should, I want the fit/finish and quality of parts to meet my standards. I don’t have brand loyalty I have loyalty to my own personal standards and this XTS really fits the bill...................FOR ME. I'm not spending close to 60,000.00 (or not for that matter) because some Joe Blow said he liked or disliked a car.

Best advice for anyone bashing this car; take one out for an hour and see how YOU feel about it.

I am in love with this car.