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04-10-13, 01:11 AM
I'm trying to help a friend get his 6-way power seat working all 6 ways. It goes forward/backward, but only the rear of the bench seat goes up/down. The rear up/down motion works with both the center and rear switch pegs. When using the front switch peg, the motor turns but the seat doesn't move. How do you remove the solenoid and actuator from the threaded rod (operated by the motor) for inspection internally?

I currently have the seat assembly (which includes springs, cushions, upholstery, and framework for the seat itself) removed from the vehicle but the framework with all the solenoids, actuators, wiring, and motor is bolted to the floor so I can more easily see what works and doesn't work. I don't have a '57 Shop Manual. Do I need one to do the disassembly on the solenoid/actuators?

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David A. Johnson

04-10-13, 10:27 PM
Welcome to the forum. After checking all the obvious things, i would have to pull the whole seat and put it on my bench, then start testing for resistence and continuity with a multimeter and a 12v feed. Do not use pb blaster wd 40 etc on these electrical parts. Test them one at a time. Good luck, you must have a lot ofatience ans a steady hands

04-11-13, 11:30 PM
Shortly after posting this thread, I removed the power seat mechanicals from the upholstered portion of the bench seat and bolted it to the floor so I could watch its movement unobstructed. I had already done the voltage checks and found all three solenoids had 12v available when the appropriate switch handle was push/pulled. I then decided to physically disconnect the spade terminal that brought current to the suspect solenoid to do further elimination testing. That's when I discovered that the wire inside the cloth insulation was almost broken, just a couple strands left, which didn't allow enough current to the solenoid to energize it. I replaced the male spade terminal on the wire coming from the solenoid and reconnected it to the female spade terminal coming from the wiring harness and everything now worked. In other words, the voltage was there, but the current (amps) wasn't. Now I just have to attach the two main seat components to each other and reinstall in the vehicle.