: 98 Catera timing belt issue and need help

04-09-13, 11:23 PM
So I was working on my car today to replace the timing belt and the timing tool I have one of the camshaft locking tool for some reason won't go in to the 1 and 2 camshafts so decided to use the vise grip and while I was doing that the number two camshaft moved / spun half way so I turned it back and aligned it with the wrench. My question is, was that a good idea to turn it back, did I mess up something or probably bend something? I'm just worried now.


Also I wanted to replace the crankshaft seal any ideas how to get the crankshaft gear out without the special tool to hold it and loosen the center bolt? I tried to use the timing / water pump locking tool but no luck. The crankshaft turns and the bolt doesn't even loosen up. I also used some PB blaster and no luck on that one either

Any quick way to loosen it up?

04-10-13, 12:44 AM
dont worry u didnt damage anything, mine dropped few times i just turn it back where it was
how to lock engine i dont know. i was locking engine on Subaru with screw driver by putting in hole on transmittion
on this engine there is a way to do it but have no idea how

04-10-13, 12:58 AM
Okay, good. I just need to loosen that center bolt on the crankshaft so I can replace the seal and oil pump gasket. The camshaft 2 I turned it counterclockwise ....is that bad should I have done it clockwise?

The water pump was leaking causing the residue on the timing cover and I thought it was oil. I hope I get everything done as soon as possible.


I removed the camshafts 3 and 4 and will replace the seals on Thursday.

04-10-13, 08:47 PM
If I use an impact wrench is it possible to loosen the crankshaft gear bolt?

04-10-13, 09:58 PM
Ooooo yes

04-10-13, 10:54 PM
Okay, I have a air impact wrench but only a small compressor, may not have enough power to work it. Also, I have a cordless impact driver and not a impact wrench with a rating of 1450 in lbs. I hope that will work to loosen the bolt.

04-11-13, 07:00 PM
Well, I tried with my cordless impact driver and nothing happened to the bolt. It's still nice and tight to the crankshaft.

Now, I got an electric impact wrench rated 350ft lbs and going to try it tonight. If nothing happens with that either then I'm not going to mess with the crank seal and oil pump gasket and just replace the cam seals and install the timing belt.

04-12-13, 01:15 AM
Well, I tried with electric impact wrench rated 350ft lbs and nothing so going to skip the crankshaft seal and oil pump gasket and finish up the rest.


Looks like I might need an impact wrench rated around 800 to 1000 ft lbs to break it loose.

Oh well, forget that and I will finish the rest.

Grandmaster B
04-13-13, 04:52 PM
You do have something bolted/wedged/clamped somewhere to keep the crank from turning? Make sure the crank cannot turn.
Might need a little heat and a long breaker bar to crack that nut loose but it will never come loose if the crank can turn.

04-13-13, 06:13 PM
I made a tool to lock the crank so hopefully that will keep it from turning and like I said waiting for a higher torque impact wrench to come in next week.

Also, have a long breaker bar and a pipe for extra leverage but no luck. I'll try some heat also and see what happens.

04-18-13, 09:49 PM
I'll be getting the high torque impact wrench tomorrow and hopefully that will break lose the crankshaft bolt and I can finish installing the seal and oil pump gasket and finish up with everything else.

04-20-13, 01:09 AM
Update- I got the high torque cordless impact wrench today and it was a breeze to loosen up the stuck crankshaft bolt, it was out in 5 seconds or less :).

I just used the crankshaft locking tool to the water pump to hold the crankshaft from turning and it worked without any problems. Also, replaced the crankshaft seal, it was stuck in there but got it out after several tries and replaced it with the new one

I couldn't get the oil pump out because it looked like I had to drop the upper pan or maybe just looked like I had too and it was stuck pretty good in there so left it alone. Once that was done I installed the camshafts, the tensioners and timing belt and adjusted everything and will do a final check on it tomorrow to make sure everything is aligned properly.

I'll post pictures soon too.