: Buying my first Caddy tomorrow. Figured I better join the forum.

HP junkie
04-09-13, 10:05 PM
Hi. Longtime GM owner here. Buying a 2012 SRX Luxury tomorrow. We have sold our 99 vette we owned 6 years and 110,000 miles. Also on the block is the 2000 Suburban 2500 we have had for 6 years and 80,000 miles. In their place and as my wife's dd will be the SRX accompanying the 08 Vette (my dd).

I'm anxious to see if Carmax will have all 3 of my conditions met when I pick it up. First was the glitter in the car my wife noticed during the test drive. Second, and my pet peeve, removal of ALL Carmax advertising from the vehicle. Third- full tank. Not much to ask, right?

Also I'm a 6 year member of The Corvette Forum. germanc5 over there.

04-09-13, 10:13 PM

Welcome to the forum! Hope you love the Cadillac lifestyle.

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Welcome to the forum!!!

04-09-13, 10:31 PM
Oh how fun! We want all the details! Welcome.

04-09-13, 10:58 PM
Welcome, if possible please have your wife express her opinion here on what she experienced. I've been AWOL but I see this forum is still a sausage fest. It's still the best forum of all but more women would make it even better. BTW, your opinion is also very welcomed.

HP junkie
04-10-13, 09:05 PM
We picked it up today. Here's the required pic.


HP junkie
04-10-13, 09:09 PM
I gave it a flogging on the way home down some 2 lane back roads. It's very capable cornering. I actually had to push it pretty hard to get any noise out of the tires. The only thing I could recommend for improvement is 100 more horses and rear wheel drive. But I imagine that would add about another 5 grand.

04-10-13, 09:59 PM
Welcome to the forum. Advertising is a huge pet peeve for me, what suckers people are. Wtf would anyone allow advertising on something they own...? Right, most folks dont own their cars, the bank does. SUCKERS! Arent you glad you bought the SRX over all the other crap out there? Cant beat it for the money.