: 77 coupe Deville door problems

04-09-13, 08:57 PM
Hey guys first time posting on here so be easy. Main question is how do i get my door open or take the door panel off. the driver door is closed in the locked position and something seems disconnected. The lock switch does still work along with the window switch. Thanks

04-09-13, 09:24 PM

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04-09-13, 10:04 PM

I'd suggest a slim Jim or a coat hangar might work.

04-09-13, 10:18 PM
Getting the door panel off with the door closed is next to impossible. You can access a little of the inner door workings by removing the chrome bucket behind the interior door handle. Don't know how far it'll get you, but it'll at least get you inside.

Good luck! :)

04-10-13, 09:49 AM
This is something that happens infrequently. Try hitting down on the outside door handle, sometimes that will work. On one Brougham the PO had lubricated the latch with a lubricant which dried out and made the mechanism gum up. This happened on both the front and rear doors on the driver side. When the door mechanism froze, he started kicking the door, distorting the door skin. I removed the front seat for better access. (Did not help) The fit between the dash section and the door panel is too tight. You can try this. Use a hair dryer or an industrial heat gun and heat the door skin below the outside door handle. It will take some time to heat the latch mechanism. This may free up the latch so that the spring will release the lock mechanism of the latch. What I ended up doing was 1. Remove the left fender. 2. With the fender removed, unbolt the door hinges. 3. Pull the front of the door out (now the door has to be supported.) 4. Now the inner door panel can be removed. 5. The wiring has to be disconnected and the harness removed from the door. 6. remove the door and 7. now you can remove the latch. I had to clean out the latch so that the lock release spring would snap the lock back. Fun, fun, fun. Now reassemble.


Have pics of the process, if you want.

04-10-13, 09:54 AM
I assume pulling up on the lock button on top of the door panel does not work?

04-11-13, 09:47 AM
I assume pulling up on the lock button on top of the door panel does not work? Didn't work for my latches.

The Ape Man
04-12-13, 06:54 PM
Put a case of BEER inside where people can see it and park in Newark, N.J.

Seriously, use a Slim Jim as said.

Cadillac Kid03
04-12-13, 07:03 PM
Put a case of BEER inside where people can see it and park in Newark, N.J.

Seriously, use a Slim Jim as said.That has to be one of the best posts made ever. :thumbsup:

04-13-13, 07:19 AM
Is the push button dead and flopping around or does it spring in and out like it's supposed to? There isn't much to go wrong with the push button so I'm assuming the lock rod is disconnected or seriously sticking. Does the lock feel funny when using the knob or the key? With the window down you may be able to see the latch/lock mechanism and figure out what needs to be done. If you can't see in there you can stick some wedges in there and ty to spread it some. I bought a slim jim a few years ago at a surplus store for about $3. You still have to have a plan of attack to know what needs to be pulled which way.

A friend of mine locked her keys in her Jeep the other day and called AAA to open it and they weren't gentle on it. I'm not sure if they sprung the door or just damaged the weatherstripping, I haven't seen it but she wasn't happy. It's best to try it yourself before you call a gorilla.

04-13-13, 09:12 AM
I know everyone who posted sees this as a standard malfunction. That is the way I approached the problem when it happened on my car's door. But it has happened on a couple of my cars. The locks would not release, whether I pulled up on the stem, used a slimjim on the mechanism, or the door locks. Perhaps MasterWest solved his problem, but he has not reposted.