: Personalization By Driver

04-09-13, 08:08 PM
Hi all! Specifically regarding the base ATS with the 2.5 engine, no CUE and no memory seats. Does anyone know EXACTLY what the "personalization by driver" setting is supposed to do? The manual just tells you how to turn it on or off and my dealer's service department just says to leave it on -- no other specifics. Am I correct in suspecting that I can create two different sets of settings with the two fobs and the settings are recalled depending upon which fob is used?

I know ATS is a new animal but I'm really surprised at the lack of knowledge shown by my dealer. I've had various electrical gremlins since getting the car in December and it took three visits to the service department to find out the radio had an internal failure. I'm now dealing with a sporadic issue involving the horn (very muted toots after opening the driver's door) and I'm trying to determine if the settings have anything to do with it. Of course it could be related to anti-theft or a bum relay. Service department position -- if there's no code and we don't see or hear it, we can't do anything.