: Anyone Maggie guys running a Kenne Belle Boost a pump?

04-09-13, 04:29 PM
Magna volt crapped out yesterday. The backup that I bought last year from a member here was also fried. Is anyone running a Kenne Belle BAP? The models that they have for sale show it runs off a pressure switch. Anyone have any info how they work with the vacuum line on the magna volt? They also have a adjustable dial that runs to the dash....would rather not have that. I have a call in to Magnuson to see how much they want for the replacement units....they no longer sell the magnavolt. I hate dealing with them as they pretty much give you the run around or make you leave a message and wait for a call back.

OneFast V
04-09-13, 04:45 PM
Put in a walboro 255 and racetronix kit and be done with it

04-09-13, 04:49 PM
I want to but dont have the time right now. Need a quick and easy fix.....

04-09-13, 05:23 PM
In the time it takes to wire the other one there really isn't going to be that much time saved by going with that instead of the racetronix kit. Not having to wonder about it is also worth some time to me.

04-09-13, 06:19 PM
Dont you have to drop the tank to install racetronix setup?

04-09-13, 06:20 PM
Cut an access hole and patch it... Much easier to do

04-09-13, 08:52 PM
Magnuson stopped using the magnavolts and sells new boost a pumps now that I'm pretty sure are Kenne Bell without the branding on it. I replaced my fried magnavolt with one and had no issues whatsoever.