: Costco price best deal? Additional discounts?

04-09-13, 03:34 PM
First time buying a Cadillac. Looking forward to ordering the SRX Premium in AWD, Platinum Ice, Driver Assist package and 12-spoke chrome wheels. My question is this: is the Costco price the best I can do? Are there any other discounts out there that can be applied on top of that?

04-09-13, 03:42 PM
USAA car buying service and carsdirect.com give a good ballpark price.

04-10-13, 04:57 PM
I went in to trucar.com to get a pricing range for my area......looked at a decent offer...and I always go in asking for drive it off the lot pricing....dont haggle with me over extras, tax, title and tags......I give them my price.....and then give them a chance to meet it....have never gone wrong and always beat buying service pricing......I also show up with financing in hand...and then ask them to beat it....