: Deville Radio Changeout Questions

01-09-05, 10:08 AM
I'm a newbie so I sure this has probably been answered a hundred times already but ............

For my 1996 Deville with factory standard Cassette radio unit:

(1) Will the CD Player unit from another Cadillac fit?
(2) What years will fit? Do I have to deal with unlocking security codes?
(3) How can I keep my Steering Wheel controls working if/when I change to my aftermarket Kenwood Head Unit and Amplifiers?
(4) What sizes are the factory speakers?
(5) What is the best method for the Factory CD player units accept Amplifier/Sub hookups? (Any Pre-outs?)

These seem like they would be commonly asked questions but I didn't see any related threads on the subject here. Thanks in advance.