: Radio & Navigation Issue

Mr Red
04-09-13, 06:44 AM
I bought a 2012 SRX Luxury Collection and was told by the salesman that the Radio and Navigation would respond to voice commands. When it did not I had him check it and he concluded that it was a software glitch and needed to be reinstalled. Took it to the service department for the fix and was told they could find nothing wrong. Had the salesman check it again he confirmed that there was no voice command functionality with the radio or navigation. He spoke with someone in the service department and they told me to bring it back and it would be fixed. After the service department has the vehicle again for a another full day they stated they could find nothing wrong. My salesman was on vacation so the service department called in another sales person who was going to show me how it works. She could not get either the radio or navigation system to accept voice commands. Her parting thought is that the vehicle is not capable of these functions

Below is the pick for the system from the build a car of the 2012 STX.

Get entertainment, communications and navigation at your fingertips. The audio system with navigation gives you AM/FM/SiriusXM1 stereo, single CD/DVD player, 10GB Hard Drive Device to store your music, MP3 playback, gracenote, iPod® support with digital streaming, media transport protocol, HDD-based navigation with voice and text guidance, as well as an 8" diagonal glide-up touch screen and Bluetooth®2 for select phones interface compatibility. It includes an auxiliary jack and USB port,3 and is compatible with the rear seat entertainment system.

One of the primary reasons for picking this vehicle was this having this capability.

Could someone possibly clear this up?

Mr Red
04-09-13, 01:34 PM
I figured it out.
Audio Steering Wheel Controls
Push to Talk
Press to interact with the OnStar or Bluetooth system.
Press and hold to interact with the Radio, Display or Navigation.
Page 14 of the 2012 SRX Customer Convenience/Personalization Guide.

04-09-13, 03:49 PM
Amazing what you can find by reading the manual. ;)

04-09-13, 08:00 PM
:nuffsaid:Glad you figured out. We're here to help each other Steve. That's just not necessary imo.