: 69 Deville. Takes 30 mins to crank after fuel stops or long drives. Help please!

04-08-13, 11:23 PM
Hello everyone. Yes my Deville is taking up to 30 mins to crankup after I either drive for more than a hour(city or highway) or get fuel. Engine seems like it has been getting hotter over the last month after drives. Engine temp light comes on and the red little rectangular light on the speedometer came on tonight after driving from concord to uptown charlotte and back. Filled up with 93 oct and car would not turn over for 30 mins. 4th time. Checked battery, coolant, removed carbuerator cover to check carbuerator. Things looked well. Checked hoes for leaks. Saw that the radiator has a small leak at the bottom. coolant level in reserve tank is at normal levels. Spring is here. Summer on its way. Have to keep the 69 going. Showed well at Charlotte Autofair! Help. Thanks.

04-09-13, 12:58 AM
Check the timing.

04-09-13, 03:19 PM
You said it would not turn over. Do you mean the engine does not rotate, or do you mean it will not fire up? If your engine is not wanting to rotate fast enough I would be thinking heat-soaked starter. If its not firing, I'm then going to say you don't have proper spark or fuel. Is it running points or did you upgrade to an electronic ignition? Carry a 5$ spark tester with you for next time it acts up. I had a problem with my 87 stang years back just like you are having. I would drive it somewhere and if I shut it off for anything it would take half an hour to get spark back. It ended up being my computer brain but the same thing can happen to ignition components like modules especially.

I'm not experienced with older cars with carbs but isn't it also common to cause vaporlock from overheating under the hood? Its possible to have a blockage in your radiator that could cause the overheat. I had another mustang that would slowly register near the top of the temp gauge going down the highway but everything looked fine. One day the radiator sprung a pinhole leak, and after I replaced it I found that I never ran hot again after.

04-09-13, 03:52 PM
Just a suggestion my 69 did the same thing similar, it was the starter. It passed the test but the bendix just spun no torque took it awhile to start when hot. Started fine cold.

04-10-13, 09:02 AM
Thank you guys! I will take "Mr.Abraham" (my car) to get looked at this week. I will share these threads with the mechanic that I had to search up and down for. Yes the car would not CRANK for 30 mins after gas stop or a long(hour + driving. My mechanic said it could be the starter(may need to upgrade). Radiator apperars to have a small leak that may becausing the car to overheat slightly and he must cool down before restarting. Timing may also be the issues as i hear some squealing from the belts. May need adjusting. Cant wait to fix the problem this week.
Really want to keep this thing cool this Hot season. Electric fan maybe? Will let my Cadillac guys know the outcome soon! Thanks!

04-12-13, 12:28 PM
I wouldn't leave a leaking radiator. Get ya a new one. There are stock replacement ones and I even saw ones that are I think 4 core which are even bigger than the huge stock ones if you are worried about hot season. I don't think an electric fan would be a good idea as most low end fans don't flow enough air and the good ones really need a decent amperage alternator. I've done electric fans on my mustangs but I double the amperage up with a later model alternator. I do them for two reasons which are because I hate the loud sound of a clutch style engine fan and because it takes parasitic losses away from the engine for more horsepower theoretically. These reasons don't really apply to the Hulk under the hood of an old Caddy.

04-17-13, 02:00 PM
Could very well be the wiring itself. When they get this old the wires are heat soaked and just have to much resistance. I usually replace any wiring going to GM starters will heavier gauge at the first sign of non start or when replacing starter.

04-19-13, 12:00 AM
What was said above check All your grounds, a bad ground would definetly would do it. Or power cable.

04-20-13, 07:10 AM
It takes a great deal of electric power to start a hot engine. I'd say starter is on its way out, but also, check ignition timing and fuel mixture. Also, if the temp lights are coming up, that pinhole in the radiator may be preventing the system from building the right pressure/and or airlocking the system.

06-01-13, 11:51 AM
corroded positive wire yall! got it fixed! starts right up!

06-01-13, 06:24 PM
Thanks for reporting back your outcome.