: Headlight sprayers - spraying without consent ??

04-08-13, 05:47 PM
So I pulled into the dealer to have them replace my gauge cluster as shown in a previous thread.

I pull into their garage and shut if off. I then turned the key back to on for a second *did not restart the engine.

My headlight sprayers then decided to wash the headlights.

This kind of thing happen to anyone else ??

Funny thing is there was a guy sitting on a chair pretty close to where the front of my car stopped.... he's lucky they don't spray outwards. LOL

04-09-13, 01:20 AM
Hey man I posted a thread about something like this happening to me not too long ago except it was that the washers were for some reason activating when I just turned the headlights on


Do a search for it

04-09-13, 01:32 AM
do it do it now

04-09-13, 06:45 AM

04-12-13, 10:33 PM
No way! This title is better! Spraying Without Consent. I love it...

04-12-13, 11:04 PM
Better your sprayers then the cat.