: 08 STS-V Rear SKF X-tracker Hubs bolted right up, pics

04-08-13, 05:10 PM
Hey guys, long time lurker, first time posting.

Just wanted to let everyone on here know first and formost...DO NOT buy "ebay hub bearings"( cheapo hubs, not sure of the manufacturer). I did sum searching and cheaped out the first time around only to replace the hubs again 2k miles later. I drive my blacked out '05 V very hard. Which is why after owning it for only 4 months I already replaced the rear with a CS 8.8. lol

The "Ebay bearings" are nowhere near strong enough to keep up with our cars. After a couple of hard launches, driving faster than 40 made my car feel like a retarded massage chair going haywire or I was constantly on a gravel road.

I noticed a post on here from another forum member that did the FRONT SKF X-tracker hubs on his car. I wasn't sure if the rears would bolt up or not, or even have the proper dimensions to operate properly with the axle shaft going through it.

I did sum more searching around and tried to find SKF X-tracker hubs for an '05 V....they don't make them to my knowledge. So I tried an '08 sts-v...found them here... http://www.brakepadwholesale.com/item.wws?sku=BR930539&itempk=353509&mfr=SKF (CHICAGO RAWHIDE)&weight=1
I will also let you guys know that I paid extra for the 2nd day air because I wanted my car back on the road ASAP....I got them a week later. brakepadwholesale.com had to order them from Chicago then receive them, then send the hubs to me. So even if you pay for extra fast shipping, its gunna at least take a week to get them. If you just do the free shipping, it would take about an extra 10 days (according to the guys at Brakepadwholesale that I talked to) to receive these hubs.

I took pics of the ebay cts-v bearings (LEFT blue) vs. the sts-v SKF X-tracker's (RIGHT green)

The wires on the "ebay hubs" don't even reach long enough to clip them into place. had to use zip ties so they wouldn't get caught by the axle shaft

Sorry about the blurry pic, just so others get the idea that it has the same mounting surface

There is a super small gap difference to where the axle meets the bearings, maybe 1-2mm?

the wheel stud flange is much stronger on the SKF, right

ok, now the axle spline and length of the spline....gets a lil tricky, but it still works

Here's the length of the axle shaft spline, 1.75" of 30 spline.

The ebay hub showing the axle slpine length of 2.25"

Heres the SKF X-tracker with a spline length of 1.75" but do take notice that the spline is RECESSED .50" further into the hub. When the Axle Shaft is bolted all the way down it will still have 1.25" of spline contact but not the entire 1.75" I know what some of you might be thinking, that's a little nerve racking not having the full contact of the entire spline on the axle. But for me and my experience with my stock HP leveled car...tons of burnouts and lots of wheelhop later ( I know, I need to order the revshift bushings to get rid of the wheelhop) with over 1k miles on the new hubs, it hasn't bothered my car at all. Since doing the swap, my car rides like its on glass....super smooth.

Hopefully this post has helped some what. and PLEASE don't cheap out on your hub bearings you'll just end up replacing them later like I did.

04-08-13, 06:02 PM
Welcome, you should get some kind of award for a "useful first post".
So much better than the normal "I want to buy a V, which year should I buy" threads that are most people's first posts. :)

Jeff James
04-08-13, 07:17 PM
Another perfect example of "You get what you pay for". Typical of Offshore, poor quality, lousy reverse engineering(?), Crap!!! Sorry if I beat around the bush here!! Thanks MB05 and Welcome

04-08-13, 07:35 PM
That's the best price I've seen for the BR930539 by about $30.

OneFast V
04-08-13, 11:17 PM
I had those eBay wheel bearings in for a brief time.... Very brief in fact as they failed during my first track event. Those things are junk.

04-09-13, 02:55 AM
I am looking at buyin for the front and the rear, but i dont know if the price is per unit or for the pair?

The link you gave mentioned needed unit 1 per car, but i know i have two sides...

04-09-13, 03:17 AM
http://www.brakepadwholesale.com/item.wws?sku=BR930537&itempk=408152&mfr=SKF (CHICAGO RAWHIDE)&weight=1

That's the link for the fronts Hubs.

I would also like to add that I wouldn't have even attempted the rears this if it wasn't for AAIIIC's original posting about the fronts fitting. Im giving that guy all the credit. I just figured well heck if the fronts fit why wouldn't the rears fit too. and it worked!

Here's the original post:

04-09-13, 08:13 AM
I am looking at buyin for the front and the rear, but i dont know if the price is per unit or for the pair?

The link you gave mentioned needed unit 1 per car, but i know i have two sides...

Price is per unit, as far as I know.

04-13-13, 06:13 PM
Thanks for the post. I had ordered the front units but haven't got them on yet. I was confused a bit on which ones were appropriate for the rear. I'll be ordering these. Hopefully everything should work and go on the same time as my 9" kit.