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04-08-13, 04:02 PM
I have been looking for whitewall thin stripe tires for my 09 dts. I cant seem to find anything but vogues that match the 235 55 17.(are they any good comparable to the stock tires). I have seen other sizes like 235 60 17 but not sure if they would fit, handle or even look good. thanks i really appreciate any help.

04-08-13, 04:51 PM
the only whitewall tires i could find in that size are Goodyears the Eagle LS and the Radial LS

both on the more expensive side of the list of tires in that size

i've also got a call into my TireRack rep to see if they have anything


just got off the phone with TireRack

they only have those two Goodyears

they're more expensive because of their load rating (they're livery/limo tires)

04-08-13, 08:33 PM
If your looking into the Vogues, they are pretty decent tires. For the price you could probably find something a bit better, but one thing to keep in mind is their roadside warranty. Basically if you have a tire go bad for any reason and you are still within a certain tread depth Vogue will sell you a new tire at a considerable discount.
About a year ago I found a large slice in my tire; apparently I drove over something at some point, and I brought the tire into Discount Tire to see if they could get me a new one. They called Vogue; measured the tread depth and Vogue instructed them to sell me a new tire at a 50% discount. I had a little over 10,000 miles on the tire at that point. Just for that they are well worth the premium.
The only negative I can think of with the whitewall Vogues is keeping them clean. Its a huge pain, especially during the winter months.

04-08-13, 09:55 PM
The link below will tell you how far off a different size tire would be:


I would think someone would be making whitewall tires for "classic" cars, but probably not in R17. There really isn't enough sidewall left on newer cars to make a stripe worth the trouble. Someone posted their Vogue rubberbands on the Show us your ride thread today. I suppose it's one way to show off your disposable income--$1000s in wheels and tires on a 5 y.o. car.

04-09-13, 07:44 AM
There have been a couple of lengthy threads here on this issue with lots of tire info on it. Just do a search.

04-09-13, 09:42 AM
Custom Tires: http://www.dbtires.com/

04-09-13, 11:27 PM
I've seen some shops that will "make" (I'm assuming a paint of some sort) a white wall tire for you. They took 24 inch tires and made them to resemble Vogues--some with different colors in place of the traditional mustard. I'm guessing they did it because Vogues don't come in that size. However, a shop that can do that can certainly do that on a 17 inch tire of the size you want, too. Unfortunately, I'm not sure of the price and can't recall the name of the shop I saw doing it, but there's bound to be one in your area if you decide to go that route.

04-10-13, 04:08 AM
Custom Tires: http://www.dbtires.com/
Chris has a good idea here. I'm going to check with Diamondback about putting a thin whitewall on the Michelin Primacy. That is, if the Primacys I have now ever wear out!

04-10-13, 09:36 PM
I saw some painted on WSW on a mid-90's DeVille tonight. Looks OK at a distance, a little ragged on the edges up close. The white went right up to the wheel rim, unlike factory whitewalls.

04-12-13, 01:59 PM
Here's an example of the custom white (or any color) wall I mentioned above.