: Aftermarket intake VS modding the stock box...

04-08-13, 03:06 PM
Iím a fairly new owner Ė two weeks! I took my intake apart to check the condition of the air filter. It looks like a brand new paper AC delco.

Iíve done searches, and read up on the few intakes that are available from the Airaid to the New Era, and even Hennesy. The dyno numbers just seem all over the place both with the stock car, and with aftermarket intakes, so it makes it really difficult to determine the legitimacy of any real gains.

What I did notice was how small the air box is, including the filter for such a large, high horse power motor. The filter in both of my SRT8, including the box itself just seems so large in comparison. Obviously Iím not a engineer, and Iím not questioning GM engineers exactly, I just find it hard visually, because of my architectural and engineering background not to see it as a pinch point for the intake system. Why not a direct more ďram airĒ hood type of system? Why not a larger volume chamber? Why not a larger filter and surface area for the motor to breath?

The question then is, how much gain is there really to be had without a tune, and what if any gain is there on a fancy elbow and box to simply replacing the filter and perhaps cutting out of the bottom like some people have to free up some flow? With that said, is there a reason from a functional standpoint for the tiny ass iphone sized slit where the air gets sucked into the box!?

What I will say is the stock box does seem solid and fairly insulated from the engine compartment, other than it seems like its sucking hot air through that small hole!

The last thing I want to do is reduce MPG and power with intake mods when I donít have the intention of tuning at this point or doing anything else that will remove the factory warranty.

04-08-13, 05:10 PM
I would think that as long as the filter has the correct pressure drop tolerances across the media, than the size doesn't matter. Its all going to depend from that point on the intake tube diameter and also the throttle body opening, these would be the restrictions from an airflow standpoint.If so,then just increasing airflow wont make a big difference unless you map the fuel system to match it. I would think with today's computer models , this was all verified in the design phase. The only variable I see is maybe engineers had to meet some kind of pollution control standards that may limit things behind it all. I would think ,the more you open the motor, the harder for it to burn at it cleanest with intake and exhaust systems.