: How to get a free car........

Night Wolf
01-09-05, 01:21 AM
Instructions to get a free car:

-Locate an older, but very good car for $500

-spend an inital $400 in parts to fix all the problems from it sitting for 1.5 years

-drive it for roughly a year/10k miles

-wait for someone to crash into it

-collect insurance money

Yup, that is exactly what happened with me :)

Some of you remember the chain of bad events linked to my car... if not, here is the thread: (this particualr incident is on the 2nd page)


so after contacting them, the guy came out all this good stuff, I called him today, he finally got ahold the other guy, everything was confirmed blah blah...

he said they sent the check out today, I'll get it this Wednesday

the check is for $1,239.16..... It'll be in my name for me to do what I wish....

I am surprised they didin't total the car out, seeing as how the book value is like $300 *less* then that.. not to mention the whole driver side fender and door is dented up...

So the $500 payment of the car... plus all the work I have done to it (since i do all my own work) still brings my cost of the Olds less then $1,200.... by getting this check, I have got a free car with a dented quater panel :)

it gets better though... once I get the good door and fender that I have at my fathers, I am going to put them on my car (on a nice weekend) decide what door panels and stuff to use (same color) and fix the driver door power window... then the car will be damage-free except for where it was hit... Sicne I am a student at vo-tec, they can work on students cars for free... I talked with the teacher of the auto body class, he told me to bring the car over so he can look at it... they can hit the dents out and paint the car.. I just pay materials (this is getting better and better!)

So tomrrow when I change the rear drums/shoes (they are grinding bad right now.. I already have the stuff) I'll do my best to hit out the dents... nothing is really creased.... so it should be a rather easy job.... then I'll talk to the guy, and maybe this car will have a real paint job.. not a faded paint job like when I bought it... or a spray paint... paint job (only 50% done too) that it has now :)

As far as the money.... Wednesday I am going to go to Sears and get 2 new tires, since I already got 2 new tires.. so the car will have 4 new tires, and no more vibration... that'll be $160 total (not working Wed. either :) ) then with the rest of the money... I was thinking about saving it or investing it... or a portion of it.... but... the idea of having a large amount of money (for now atleast) is nice... but besides the tires, I don't really *need* anything... maybe I'll put it in a savings account so it collects intrest, then in the Spring when I start driving the DeVille's again, I can defintily use the money... but I still have money in my wallet/checking account... so it isn't like I *need* this money for day to day operations either....

So thats the news with me... the Olds is proving to be quite the winter warrior... our driveway was never cleared so it is all ice, and the Olds tackles it, including pulling in, turning around and everything without getting anywhere near stuck either... I have the horn fixed, the cd player works great... my cruise control didn't fully brake, only the accelerate feature, so on level roads it is fine ('ll still fix it) only thing left to do is replace the sturts in the Spring... then little BS stuff.... this car has more then proven not only its relaibility to me... but the 3800 V6 is one hell of an enigne... this car is the car that will never die... mechanically and physically... it keeps getting hit and comes back for more.... funny too... when I drive the '79 DeVille... it has that "big car" mass feel to it... like... the feeling it'll just blast thru anything that may cross it's path.... best to explain it is when I am doing 50mph and some jackass Civic driver pulls out across the lane almost in front of me.... I have to lay on the brakes... but it makes you think... that my car would just compltly kill his car if I was to T-bone him.... the '93 DeVille dosn't have that feeling.... plus, from what I have seen, they seem to fold up pretty easy too.... the Olds OTOH dosn't have the "crash thru anything" feel as the '79.... instead I like to think of it as.... crash into something, stop, think about what happened, put her in reverse, bumper dragging and all, then drive off on your marry way :)

that's exactly what happened when I hit the telephone poll.... well, I was able to make it a minor side-swipe.. but the car crashed thru a big snowbank on the side of the road and was suspened by snow... snow wall all over, all I saw was the missing driver side mirror, and a telephone poll 6" from me on the other side of the door.... the engine was still running, and I really wasn't sure of what was going on, so I simply put it in reverse and backed out of my situation... when the car hit the poll, it was leaning agaisnt it, so as I backed out, it scarped on the door and fender again.... opened the door, it screeched as the fender was pushed into the door, inspected everything, engine bay was packed to the top with snow, nothing was leaking, everything was running fine... and I was off on my happy way :)

Well, I can go on.... and bore everyone more then I already have with more of Rick's novels :).... but it is 1:20AM... I want to get an early start on the brakes and stuff.... I'll keep everyone updated :)

Night Wolf
01-09-05, 01:23 AM
I origanlly typed this up on another forum I go to, hence that link... I am not sure if non-members are able to view it... it just talks about the chain reaction of one bad thing after another with the car that was going on for about a month stright.... a month ago :)

01-09-05, 01:43 AM
I can only imagine what that '79 must feel like driving :D I think the '93 feels just right for me. By the way why didnt you hit the guy in the honda Gosh! lol jk

I could use $1200 ;)

you are truley blessed

01-09-05, 02:21 AM
If you think a 79 has a "crash through anything" feeling you should drive a full size 75. Like the bumper sticker says, "Your car is my crumple zone." :blasted:

Night Wolf
01-09-05, 11:20 AM
yeah, I have never driven anything before my '79 (Cadillac wise) and the '75 is 6" longer, 3.5" wider... and 1,000lbs more heavy.... and the '79 is no lightweight either :)

I oirganally wanted a '75/'76 Coupe DeVille to make my go-fast car... but then I laned the deal on the '79

Where can I get one of those bumper stickers? :lildevil:

The funny thing is, they didn't even total the Olds out... I thought that was pretty cool.....

with the '93... eh... the fenders are plastic.. the hood really isn't that sturdy, I think the hood on the Olds is more... I dunno.... bend-resistant then that.. and I have seen '91-'93 DeVille's at the junkyard.. not seeing the type of crash though, it just appears that they do like to fold up.... even the Eighty Eights at the junkyard seem to look like with minor work they could be driving again....

Night Wolf
01-09-05, 11:22 AM
I never hit a Honda... and a Honda never hit me...

it was DaveSmed that got T-boned by the Civic in his '68 Sedan DeVille... they did a great job repairing it too :)

01-09-05, 02:56 PM
Who cares if the fenders are vinyl as long as the frame is good.;)