: 2010 SRX Cerified Vehicle Nightmare

04-07-13, 07:27 PM
Maybe you can help:
I purchased this SRX at Williamson Cadillac in Miami after trading in my 2004 avalanche which I had no problems.

I was shown this SRX vehicle and told it was certified but after I took the car home and further inspection realized that the floor mats under the driver side had burnt holes and the rims were damaged. I decided to pull the cabin filter since there was a foul smell and realized it was full of dirt leaves and mildew the engine was filty and the drivers side window had a scratch in the glass. I sent a picture to the GM and he was embaressed. I showed him that the mirror moldings were falling off and the bumper moldings began to also fall off. I was told by the service writer that it was an oversite. They agreed to repair the vehicle so 3 days later I returned to get the vehicle and realized that the work on the moldings was not done the service writer had to go back to the techs bench and retrieve the part and install it himself. I pulled out with the car and then got home and began to clean the interior of the car since they had left grease prints all over. I then realized that the headliner in the rear passenger seat area had been burned by either a light they hung there while they replaced the floor carpet since the Techs footprints were left on the rear floor mats. I took the car back and they agreed to replace the head liner after I contacted the General Manager 2/13/13. I waited 3 weeks for a car I just purchased and was about to make my first payment. They agreed to refund me for the cabin filter which I replaced myself Iím still waiting for the check to come in the mail. I finally received my car and as I drove home Friday the plastic that covers the mirror fell off as I drove and the overhead dome compartment came loose. I called the service writer and he said that they had to rush to get my vehicle ready since I had called the GM to complain. I was told by the service writer to bring it by Monday. I fixed the overhead dome myself they never put in the clips. Monday came around and I thought I had been pretty patient since almost 4 weeks had gone by and I spent all my time in rentals and I had made my first payment and had only driven the car for a week at best. The service writer fixed the casing around the mirror himself after I arrived. That week the drivers doors entry locks stoped working so back to the dealer to have them tell me to take the car and come back since they donít have the door sensor in stock. Well 0n 4/4/2013 I parked my vehicle outside of my home not my garage as usual and it rained heavy during the night . Friday morning I entered my vehicle and realized there was a puddle of water on the drivers floor and the water was dripping down the headliner which they installed on the pillar column. The sunroof was closed and nothing else was wet. I imedeatly drove the SRX into the dealer and showed the same service adviser and the water was still dripping down the pillar column. He said it was probably the sun roof. Here we go again. It seems that there was no urgency the floor full of water and he just put the car in line. I asked him if they were going to take care of the carpet and he told me that when they would make the repairs it would be cleaned. This was Friday and the car drivers floor would be wet until the following week. Wow donít care how you clean it the mildew just wonít clear. As I waited 1.5 hours for a loaner rental recognized a customer and we spoke about how bad it was when customers are frequenting the dealer for poor workmanship so many times that we become aquianted. By the way his name was Danny. I asked the service adviser about the navigation system and updates since mine does not seem to recognize any of the local roads. He told me that the system was not too user friendly and the updates only come out every 2 to 3 years and it was $200.00 if I wanted to upgrade mine.
Just to let you know I cancelled my service contract since I canít trust the work to be done. Car has been in and out of the dealer for over 6 weeks.
What kind of certification is this????

04-07-13, 08:36 PM
Wow! I'm sorry for all your problems. I can't offer any advice but I can tell you that you bought a used vehicle which just happens to be the first year of a redesign of the model. This "redesign" is fraught with issues. I bought one brand new in 2010 and you should see the long list of warranty issues I've had to have fixed. But it sounds like you have an incompetent dealership on your hands. I would find another Cadillac dealer if I were you. Plus, I would make sure that I document EVERYTHING in writing including the date/time and who you talked to or dealt with.

04-08-13, 11:28 AM
Thank You, as you can see I have a Log of events and only dealt with the Service writer and The GM who has been trying to help. I was able to speak with him this morning and he said that he was going to deal with the service department manager personally. He told me that they pay service good money to certify the cars and that what is going on is not acceptable. He also told me that the navigation should have been updated as part of the certification. I told him the front of the house seems to be helpful but the service department either has to much work and they door poor work and no attention to detail a service that Cadillac is very famous for and they have fallen short.


its so funny that they write on the work order customer complaint is water is dripping through the pillar , not that he visually inspected and saw the water dripping. I guess if its the customer complaint I could be wrong.

04-08-13, 01:06 PM
Just a couple of comments. Certified Pre-Owned does not mean that the car is brand new. It means that the car was reviewed, and they certify its condition. That doesn't mean that it won't have any scratches on it, that the rims will be brand new, or that all air filters will be replaced.

You said:

I was shown this SRX vehicle and told it was certified but after I took the car home and further inspection realized that the floor mats under the driver side had burnt holes and the rims were damaged. I decided to pull the cabin filter since there was a foul smell and realized it was full of dirt leaves and mildew the engine was filty and the drivers side window had a scratch in the glass.

Just curious, did you test drive the car and review it enough to understand the condition it was in? Sounds like that is all pretty much normal wear and tear, and you assumed that certified pre-owned meant "new condition".

All pretty easily corrected too. As far as the rest of the problems, find a new dealership. That one is incompetent if they put things back together wrong because they were in a hurry for any reason.[COLOR="Silver"]

04-08-13, 02:55 PM
"certified per-owned" should have meant all the initial issues were caught by the dealership.....I see this as a bad dealership who didnt do the appropriate punch list to label a used car "Certified" preowned.....that classification alone should allow it to stand above the "normal" used car......Good on you for insisting the dealership correct all issues since they sold the car under the pretense of "Certified"

04-08-13, 03:31 PM
you can also get in touch with Cadillac Customer Care and let them know that this CPO vehicle was not certified correctly

in these cases GM/Cadillac will almost always make the dealer correct the issue(s)

04-10-13, 11:10 AM
Thank you for the advice and yes I test drove the car I commented and all those issues prior to the purchase and I was told that it would be taken care of since it was a certified car. The Dealer GM has been very helpful and has ordered the update for the Navigation at no cost since service would not. But to make things worse I went to pickup the vehicle this morning and they advised me that the sunroof drains were clogged and the drivers side was disconnected which probably happened when they replaced the headliner. But I pulled my drivers mat up and they never cleaned the carpet it was still full of water. I showed the floor service manager who was very was very apologetic but had no answers , back in a rental again. I spoke to the GM who was very upset since he had personally spoken with the service writer who told him yesterday that the SRX was ready for delivery in perfect condition. I told the GM point blank that the service in this dealer does not display the reputation of quality control and detail Cadillac is known for. He was in full agreement and would be speaking directly with the service department GM.

04-10-13, 12:15 PM
I feel for your problem. This all goes back to having a dealer who could care less about you or your problem. Proof is the fact a dealer would sell a car in the condition you described. With the problems you've described I'm surprised the dealer didn't wholesale the unit at the auction and be rid of it. I'd involve Cadillac at this point to see if it's possible to return the car as I don't think it will ever be right. Good luck with it.

Kauai 1
04-10-13, 12:29 PM
djarp, are you sure that your vehicle is a "Cadillac Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?" It certainly could not have passed the 172 point inspection requirement! And you mentioned that you cancelled your service contract; Certified vehicles come with an extended warranty, so I assume that the cancelled one was some type of expensive after-market warranty sold by your dealer. You should contact Cadillac Customer Assistance IMMEDIATELY! Your experience with the dealer makes no sense at all; I personnally would have returned the vehicle for a full refund including the return of your trade-in, and fled the premises..................

04-10-13, 05:54 PM
I meant I cancellef routine maintenance contract the veh certification warranty is good till 2015 according to the work order papers.

Cadillac Cust Svc
04-14-13, 04:13 PM
Hello djarp33177, I noticed this thread and I apologize for the issues that you are having with your SRX and the dealership. I would definitely like to look into this for you. I just need you to private message me your last 8 of the VIN, your name, and your phone number and I will start working on your case. Thank you very much.

Gregory William
Cadillac Customer Care

04-14-13, 07:25 PM
Change Dealership, and never look back.They don't want you to be happy. They just want to sell vehicles. I agree that the 2010 vehicles did have problems when they hit the market. I had 2010 that electrical problems, but did get them corrected. How many miles on this vehicle? Would be interesting to find out who owned the vehicle before, they may be of help!!!!!

04-17-13, 09:22 PM
Mr. William I sent you the vin and my phone as you requested.

I just received the car back after calling the GM and he was surprised that no one had called me. So he called the service manager who told me that the car was now ready but had no one to deliver the vehicle as promised. I agreed to pick it up since I could not tolerate the loaner anymore and the turn signals went bad on it and was making some howling noise from the front right side. A few minutes after I received a call from the service writer tell me that the car was ready. I questioned him as to why the job had not been done correctly and he said the tech had reconnected the upper flow drain from the sunroof drain and after since it was disconnected and tested the line but the bottom part had come loose flooding the car and he never checked the carpet. I then called back the service floor manager and confirmed the story and he said that it was the mistake of the tech. So my question to him was, where was the quality control ? And why was the service writer not confirming that the vehicle was in proper condition prior to the customer receiving it. His reply was that the service writers don't have time to review the vehicle prior to returning them to the customers because they are to busy. In other words check your own stuff.......... I let the GM know that it seems that he is the only person who cares about customer service at this dealership. I had to return to pick up the navigation up grade which was only given to me because the GM agreed to pay for it. I know that there is a service GM Mr. Leon who was suppose to call me but I have never received a call from him ,I guess he was too busy. Wow I have been able to drive my car this weekend I will see how long this last????


I bought the SRX with 13,381 miles and now it has 14,612 miles.... And according to the GM the vehicle was doctor and his wife long who are long time customers who exchange both of their Cadillac's every couple of years. That's what I was told

04-21-13, 05:50 PM
djarp: tried to send you a PM but it seems your box is full!

04-23-13, 03:23 PM
Try now its clear.

04-24-13, 10:27 AM
thank you got it

04-25-13, 03:51 PM
It seems I have received some attention from Cadillac customer service hope they can resolve the problems at this dealer. It has come to my attention from other email's I'm not the only person who is having issues with this dealership's customer service department.