: Posting new thread

04-07-13, 03:38 PM
How do you do it? I went to several sub-forums but couldn't figure out how to post a new thread as I didn't see any "Post New Thread" buttons to click on until I finally stumbled onto one in this particular field. I'm brand new to this forum and not in ANY way a computer geek. We (computer & I) just do not get along. I am a member of the AACA forum site as I have a friend with an old '56 Buick that needs occassional fixing. Every sub-forum there has a blank box with a "Post New Thread" button to click on underneath the box which makes it very easy for a computer idiot like me to start a new thread. This site is different as I didn't see any blank boxes with a "Post New Thread" button to click on. I'm totally confused. Sorry.

04-07-13, 03:59 PM
On every forum threads page there should be a blue "Post new thread" tab in the upper left area. Same place as in this forum.

Let me take a look at your login and settings. Back in 5 minutes.

...........................I see nothing in your personal info or subscription that would prevent you from posting. Let me copy this thread to Admin. It may take a while for action - Sundays are "business quiet" in here.

04-10-14, 06:37 PM
Same problem, registered to post a question and can't find a post a new post. Not a thread.

04-10-14, 07:03 PM
Go into your profile and set your preferences to "view newest threads/posts first". That stops all the 11 year old stuff from opening first. You can do a LOT with the Profile and Settings tabs.