: TPS sensor/throttle body/p2135 issues

04-07-13, 10:53 AM
I figured I'd start a new thread because after speaking with a family friend who is a certified tech at a GM Dealership for over 30 years it might be good info to check into if you're having these issues.

Seems it's not just a cadillac issue but across several lines. What they've been doing is replacing/rebuilding the wiring between the tps sensor on the throttle bodies and the ECM. Replacing the throttle body might not work as it's something 'in between'. We were looking at my car, and I've replaced the throttle body, and while I've been having good luck since it's been warmer, I'm just waiting for it to throw codes again. My guess is it's the connector and wiring going to the ECM, as that is the only explanation of why I would be getting codes ONLY when the temp goes over 45 degrees F.

So if you're getting the dreaded 'reduced engine power' and perhaps the P2135, P1101, P0101 errors, check and see if that wiring is okay. I guess they've rebuild quite a few with positive results.

04-08-13, 02:49 PM
Alot of guys around my area are installing new harnesses to the throttle body as they've had issues all over gm and ford. Haven't had to repair this wiring on any other makes.