: Coupe Exhaust options and prices

04-07-13, 10:03 AM
Can someone tell me why a couple of mufflers, without a full cat back, is $1200-1400?

04-07-13, 03:10 PM
For the same reason my buddy paid over 3K for a Lambo exhaust kit and we don't drive Corollas. I'm not sure whose mufflers you're looking at but as a rule "you gotta pay to play" factors in. Companies gouge the higher the MSRP of a car in my experience. Sad but true.

04-07-13, 05:53 PM
Because they can

04-07-13, 11:50 PM
Because you pay for the name. I have stainless works cat back. Cost me about $950 and I installed it my self in about an hour and a half and am very satisfied with it.