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04-06-13, 02:22 PM
Posted this in the general CTS classified section. (Didn't realize the CTS-V cars section of the classifieds was also for parts.) I figured I'd copy and post it here just to say HI. If anyone has any stock CTS-V gen 2 parts laying around, let me know. Especially if you're in Cali. I'll also let you guys now how my LSA powered roadster turns out. Our '12 CTS-V Wagon is a blast, a convertible that weighs about 1300lbs less and has around 100hp more power is gonna be hella fun!


Hi Guys, just signed up here but not new to cars or CTS-V's by any means. We have an '12 V Wagon, and I'm also doing an LSA swap on my little play car. It's a Saturn Sky Redline, similar to the Pontiac Solstice GXP. I have two of these cars, and I also tune some of the highest hp LNF's around the country. I have a couple Championship winning cars running my tunes currently. The one I'm pulling the LNF out of to put an LSA/TR6060 in was at 500whp/500wtrq. The engine was great, the trans and clutch sucked so I'm going V8 and an awesome 6 speed.
Anyway, what I'm looking for is some stock parts. I'm trying to make this swap California smog legal, so I need to find some stock cat downpipes. Most of the stuff I'm buying new, but this is an item that's probably in at least a few garages, just gathering dust. Any other parts you guys have laying around I might be able to use too. Local or somewhat close pickup would be awesome, I'm in the SF Bay Area.
This ended up being kinda of a "Hi, I'm a new guy" post, so maybe I'll put it in the main section too.

04-06-13, 09:02 PM
Hello and good luck with the build. Sounds fun. Maybe I will see you around town when it's done.