: washed my ol STS up

04-06-13, 03:33 AM
I still love my blk on blk 97 out of 12 different Cadillacs several being northstars ...this one by far is my favorite...


04-06-13, 05:13 AM
Love that body style, especially black on black. Personally I'd stick with a more stock looking wheel with more sidewall though. You put those rubber band tires on, and it doesn't ride like a Cadillac anymore.

04-06-13, 05:51 AM
The Seville really is one of the most satisfying and beautiful cars ever made.

04-06-13, 11:04 AM
^^^ I totally agree, which is why mine is still with me even though it is going on seventeen years old! For me the 4th series Seville STS is a true classic!