: Steering Wheel Noise

Ghost Deany
04-05-13, 03:01 PM

My car is doing this and the dealer says unfixable and alot of them do this. 2011 STS. What is it? It does it after the car is warmed up. They said its some rubber in the column. if that was the case, it would keep making the noise after i shut the engine at the end of the video. Anyone have this issue? Its driving me insane.

04-05-13, 03:07 PM
Not normal

Ghost Deany
04-05-13, 03:21 PM
Def isnt its even louder now its 70 degrees out and louder then ever. Had it in twice for this and theres nothing to do to fix it? Bullshit


Any idea exactaly what this is?

04-05-13, 03:24 PM
Doesn't sound serious but would annoy the hell out of me. Try a different dealer or contact the zone manager

Ghost Deany
04-05-13, 03:40 PM
My dealer is usually very good and the service dept. I never have any bad service with. I think they really do not know the fix for it. If i can find out exactaly what it is it would help. I could goto the service dept manager but id like to get it fixed without having to go over my service advisors head as he has always take care of the problem in the end.

04-05-13, 04:42 PM
That is not normal at all. The dealer just doesn't want to invest a lot of time into chasing a noise, understandable but something should be done? It is a fine line how you play the game at the dealer though, don't want to step on SA's toes if they have been good to you in the past.

I'd make an appointment across town at another dealer sometime when you have a day off and see what they say.

04-05-13, 06:43 PM
Mine doe's this to, But it is not as bad as yours. It is very annoying.

Ghost Deany
04-05-13, 07:21 PM
Some customers may comment on a squeak or rub type noise heard from the steering column area when turning the steering wheel at slow speeds.
The cause of this noise may be due to insufficient grease in the pinion shaft seal. The pinion shaft seal to pinion shaft interface and lack of lubrication may generate a noise. This noise originates in the gear but may sound like it is coming from the steering column area. The noise may not be evident immediately after sitting and the power steering may need to be operated briefly before the noise will occur.
Tip: The intermediate shaft can be disconnected to confirm the source of the noise.

Important: DO NOT replace the steering gear assembly for this condition.
Replace the steering gear housing. Also, flush the power steering system and refill with DEXRONŽ-VI Automatic Transmission Fluid.
Note: Analysis has determined that the power steering fluid reservoir inlet hose is not required to correct this concern long term. The DEXRON-VI fluid offers the permanent correction. For this reason, the hose is no longer required for this repair.
The new steering gear housing kit will include either a tag or an owners manual insert that identifies the vehicle has been converted to DEXRONŽ-VI. If the kit includes the tag, it should be installed on the power steering reservoir filler neck and secured with the cap. If the kit includes the insert, it should be placed in the vehicle owners manual in the appropriate section. Also, please advise the customer that their vehicle has been converted to DEXRONŽ-VI.
Note: Due to the interface between the pinion shaft seal and the fluid, it is critical to ensure that no old fluid comes in contact with the new seal. Be sure to thoroughly flush all old fluid from the system prior to installing the new housing.

Ghost Deany
04-06-13, 10:46 PM
Did a power steering fluid flush today and the noise is still there. Sounds like it is probably the steering gear.

Ghost Deany
05-02-13, 11:44 PM
Turns out the power steering flush i did, of flushing out the old crap and replacing it with Dexron 6 ATF fluid has fixed the issue. It took almost a week to fully get going in the system, but the noise is completley gone. No noise at all now. Incase anyone else had the same issue. Take out the current fluid and replace it all with Dextron 6 ATF

05-03-13, 07:44 AM
what about steering gear housing. Did you replace it? what it consist of?

05-03-13, 07:22 PM
Some members with early STS had issues that required replacement of the rack & pinion. I'm not sure what the parts breakdown/availability is.

Ghost Deany
05-04-13, 02:47 AM
what about steering gear housing. Did you replace it? what it consist of? A Tech told me the housing cannot be replaced, it would of needed a new steering gear, and im not sure but i think the gear is on the rack so you cant just replace the gear? In the end the changing of fluid and flush to dexron 6 ATF cured my noise completely

05-05-13, 01:22 AM
Yes I had the same problem and the dex 6 worked for me as well but it took almost 2 weeks of driving to work.