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04-05-13, 12:49 PM
I had my ATS Cue's system updated this week and am trying to understand what update I will actually receive. I called the CUE hotline and they were of no help. Can anyone point me to a website or phone number where someone can explain the changes to my system? It's nice that Cadillac gave a $50 VISA card but I'm more interested to now details on the changes and nothing was provided.


04-05-13, 01:30 PM
mostly bug fixes and performance upgrades
almost no new features

there is no official list of changes

there's a thread ongoing somewhere here (in the CUE subforum i think) that owners are trying to use to compile a list of things that they have found to be different
there's a bunch of smaller things but nothing major

04-05-13, 08:11 PM
Look at your Navi and AC icons, they have changes. Also it says "loading map" instead of "initializing" when you start the car.

04-07-13, 02:55 PM
Also, if you go Home Page>Settings>Software Info, the and get 23150273 as your version number, then you got updated.

04-20-13, 06:09 PM
Got the update yesterday. Have to say, I'm pretty bummed out that you can't pause the radio anymore (or if you still can I haven't figured out how). $50 gift card and a fill up is a nice touch though.

04-20-13, 06:22 PM
Hmm, so I may be getting a gift card in the near future?

04-20-13, 06:48 PM
I've had the CUE update; the pause and play function of the radio still works as it did before. Have your dealer check this.

04-20-13, 10:39 PM
Got my CUE update today. Did not replace the hardware - just a software update. It sounds like it is based on what your car has (which probably means build date).

In my 5 mile drive home from the dealer, I didn't notice a pause option for the radio. Is that feature gone? If so I am extremely disappointed. I hope I just didn't see it. If that isn't the case, lets hope they bring the pause radio feature back in a later update. Had I known I would lose that feature, I would not have updated.

On a side not, I got a full tank of gas and a $50 Visa gift card. Nice touch.


Sorry for the dual post - for some reason it didn't show up the first time. You say the pause feature is still there. Where is it? Previously, there was a "bar" with a circular soft play/pause button you could toggle to pause/play. I don't see that now. In fact, the entire bar is gone (wherein the bar indicates your temporal location within the temporary recording).

04-20-13, 11:49 PM
It is set in the Audio Menu... sorry that I cannot recall the name, but it is there to be turned back on... Mine was off after the update also.

04-21-13, 09:37 AM
It's called time shifting and it is in the radio settings.

04-22-13, 09:29 AM
Time shifting. Exactly. Found it last night when I was driving the car. I retract my previous statement. Extremely happy that Cadillac didn't do away with it. Thanks.

04-22-13, 02:52 PM
So do I just need to go in and ask for an update or do I have to wait for a letter, call, or email for to set up an appointment?

Hoosier Daddy
04-22-13, 03:12 PM
So do I just need to go in and ask for an update or do I have to wait for a letter, call, or email for to set up an appointment?
You can do either. It doesn't hurt to call the dealer and ask.

In theory, you should be notified if your car needs it. But no system is foolproof. Even something as simple as the dealer mistyping your mailing address for GM's records can keep you from ever getting a notice.

04-22-13, 03:27 PM
you can press the blue onstar button and have the onstar agent check for you
or call your dealer

04-22-13, 04:37 PM
Is the Time Shifting feature only on select models? I have a Performance and can't seem to find the setting under Radio options.

04-22-13, 05:56 PM
I got my car beginning of December and just got the letter last week. I wouldn't worry if you haven't gotten it. I'm sure you can just call your dealer and make an appt. without the letter.

As for the time shifting feature, if I remember correctly it isn't buried in menus or anything as when i tried to find it it took about 30 seconds. When I was listening to XM, I just pressed the "menu" button on the CUE display near the lower right hand side of the screen. I think the time shifting feature was on that first menu page.

Cadillac Cust Svc
04-22-13, 07:29 PM
So do I just need to go in and ask for an update or do I have to wait for a letter, call, or email for to set up an appointment?

Hello TMAC2000,

If you private message me on this forum with your name and VIN#, I am more than happy to research this for you. Thank you, have a great night.


Laura M.
Cadillac Customer Service

04-22-13, 08:19 PM
I found it. I thought it was the the main Radio settings when it's located in the Menu settings when listening to the radio.