: Remote Lock pad

01-08-05, 08:41 PM
I bought a 94 sls almost 2 years ago and when I picked the car up, It never came with the remote lock pad. I see you can buy them over ebay and what not. My ? is. Does every caddy sls/sts atomaticly have the set up for the remote locks, so I can just buy one and program it. Or is there something else that I need to know. I am just tired of unlocking the doors or trund with the key. I have access to how to program it, but just dont know if my sls has it.
any info is nice.
thanks john.

01-09-05, 12:29 PM
come on no body knows.
please give me a answer.

01-09-05, 12:34 PM
You need the version designed for that car. You will see a long GM # on the back of the remote---that's the model you have to have.

I'm sure, if you word it right, your dealer will tell you the #.

01-12-05, 02:51 PM
In repsonse to your question,

I'm not sure if RKE (remote keyless entry) was standard on STS in 94. I know it was optional equipment for Deville until at least 1993, as I had a 91 that did NOT have it. The 1994 redesign may have made it standard on Deville, but this is not neccessarily the case on the STS.

Your best bet is to see if a Caddy dealer can give you the RPO code for the remote option on the STS you have and then check the label in the spare tire compartment for the matching code (usually 3 digits, combo of 3 letters/numbers). If you find that RKE is installed per the sticker that lists the factory option codes, then you can go out and find a remote.

Alternatively, check in the trunk, somewhere around the latch/pulldown assy for a one wire pigtail with a female quick connector on it. This wire gets grounded to enter the RKE programming mode. If you have this wire, then you should have RKE capability in the car.

To get the remotes, Ebay is a good place to look, there are a blue million remotes on there all the time, and most sellers will list the application (year/model) in their auctions. Buying at the dealer is an option, but will be expen$ive to be sure.

Hope this helps,


01-12-05, 04:25 PM
You might look here.