: ATS Lux: Sun visor sticker removal

04-05-13, 06:46 AM
Ran a search on this forum and did come up with several solutions, however none were for the ATS. Has anyone done this on an ATS?

I can't get into my new ATS at the moment to see if the visors were cloth or vinyl, but will assume that they are vinyl. I've successfully used the following "alcohol" method on my BMWs (2002 325i - traded for the ATS and 2005 Z4). Although there are a couple of "heat" removal methods, I think this "alcohol" method may be easier (better)...but you do have the option. Oh yeah, there is one other option for those who don't want to mess around, and that is to get some material to cover the visor (http://www.sunvisorsolutions.com/)

Here is a WV site that will give you step-by-step instructions using isopropyl alcohol. BTW, whatever method one chooses to use, note that there is a possibility that even the most successful removal may leave a slight outline of the sticker. Removing the sticker early on reduces the possibility of this happening. Nonetheless, the finished product will look better than the sticker.

Sticker removal DIY: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?4791409-DIY-Removing-the-airbag-warning-stickers-from-your-sun-visors

04-06-13, 01:05 PM
I guess sticker removal is an easy deal as no one has answered?

Anyway, I tried the above site's suggestion about using alcohol. Really didn't work too well for me. Soaked and soaked and was able to peel off the label, BUT tons of residue remained. More alcohol, some light rubbing with a cloth and toothbrush offered limited to no extra benefit. Really getting PO'd. Did some more research and it appears that 90+% alcohol may do the trick, whereas I was using 70%. Of course, there were many posts talking about using various forms of Goof-Off, but not always referring to cloth visors. I had a small amount of Goof-Off (successfully had used it to removed visor stickers from my 325 and Z4 vinyl visors, and being sometimes brash and careless, I said to myself: What the hell, go for it. Worst that can happen is getting a new visor or getting a better sticker or getting a visor covering cloth from the net.

The ol' Goof-Off worked in removing the left over adhesive. However, my wife had to take the car before everything could dry properly; so I couldn't tell if there were any left-over marks spots, outlines. Although. I will say that the area that were fairly dry, showed to be clean with no discoloration. However, I will edit this post with an update when she comes home.

Craig 777
04-29-14, 02:12 PM
On my 2008 Corvette which I believe had cloth visors I used the Goo-Off method and also had some left over stubborn areas and messy adhesive.

I then used the hot iron method - spread a white cotton cloth (old t-shirt works well) over the sticker area and pass the iron over it.
The heat causes all the leftover sticker and adhesive to stick to the cloth and you are left with a perfectly clean surface.

Your milage may vari!

05-11-14, 09:21 PM
Wd40 and plastic scraper will surely remove it. Or you can use megs apc just soak it and scrape it with a plastic scraper.

05-12-14, 07:16 AM
Wd40 and plastic scraper will surely remove it. Or you can use megs apc just soak it and scrape it with a plastic scraper.

Sorry, but "surely" isn't good enough. Have you actually removed these stickers using WD40? And if so, any residue to deal with, and stains left?

05-12-14, 09:43 AM
Those stickers are meant to be and mandated to be permanent and put on with heat to activate the adhesive.
I did it on my 2007 G5GT same material as the ATS/CTS with a heat gun on low and mineral spirits to remove the adhesive, Even though it came out looking good it was enough for me to not want to bother doing it again.

05-12-14, 11:15 AM
Wd40 and plastic scraper will surely remove it. Or you can use megs apc just soak it and scrape it with a plastic scraper.

WD-40?!?! You'd never get the smell out of the visor, and it would almost definitely stain the material.

05-12-14, 11:47 AM
Even the odorless mineral spirits will leave an odor that needs to be followed up with an actual fabric cleaning like woolite or ect.
I would do the same after using goof off too.