: Nitrous.... Suggestions?

04-04-13, 10:45 PM
Which nitrous kit is recommended (2005 LS6) I am deciding between, the two below, anything else to consider?

Universal Nozzle kit with everything and window switch/controller etc

Nitrous Outlet 78mm 04-05 CTS-V Plate System, kit looks much cleaner for install but what else is needed or recommended?

04-05-13, 08:04 AM
I was thinking of going this route, and I'll tell you what everybody that works on/with motors told me. Unless it's a track car, don't do it.

1) You always have to remember to keep the bottle filled.

2) You have to lower your timing, so you are actually slower when not using nitrous, or boom goes the piston/bent rod, etc.

3) The bottle temp could be all over the place (since you live in Canada) if you don't keep it regulated/bottle heater. Nickleback is the worst thing you guys have ever exported btw.
4) The only way to really tell how much gas is in your tank is by weighing it.

5) You might want to install a bigger fuel pump cuz it only takes once to not have enough fuel after you push the big red shiny button.

6) After that first time of hitting it, it's awfully hard to not use it all the time. :lildevil:

On the plus side, it's a a lot of bang for your buck. I'd go with a dry kit if you are dead set on doing it.

04-05-13, 02:12 PM
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04-05-13, 02:47 PM
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04-05-13, 02:53 PM
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04-05-13, 04:22 PM
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In all seriousness if you are going to do a nitrous kit, you should have the ability to swap tunes. Like with EFI LIVE or HP Tuners. The fact is, when you are normally driving around you don't need a rich AFR but if you are going to race, you need fuel for the added O2 in the nitrous being added. When you race and the pedal goes to the floor and the nitrous is injected, if you don't account for the change in the fuel ratio you will nuke your motor like a little Kim Jong-un is sitting in there.

I was also thinking about nitrous but I'm still a little sketched about it. I would definitely upgrade the fuel pump just in case. I wouldn't want my motor to be trusting a nearly 10 year old fuel pump.

04-05-13, 08:21 PM
Everything I have read and studied points towards using a plate system like the nitrous outlet one. I have done research talked to dave at nitrous outlet talked to my local shop and you will easily be between 1500-2000 to get everything you need to safely run it from the drivers seat (ie bottle warmer, remote opener, purge, etc.) I have some other financial obligations right now but, will be looking into doing this soon. 100 shot should be more than safe to run with a good tune and some slightly colder plugs you should never run into an issue. Bottle fills can get expensive though and it may be tough to not use it all the time once you feel the giggle juice but that comes with the territory.

04-05-13, 11:24 PM
Thanks for the feedback guys, I have decided to go with the Forced Induction route with a Eforce, Nitrous seemed like a good option for the initial cost but factoring in the fills over time and the fact that it is not always there makes the blower win.

04-05-13, 11:58 PM
you can tune your car for nitrous at WOT and it cuts out at XXXX RPM so you don't blow the motor with a missed shift and a 12,000 RPM spike (RIP engine)

99% is no spray.
100% is spray.

04-06-13, 02:03 PM
Thanks for the feedback guys, I have decided to go with the Forced Induction route with a Eforce, Nitrous seemed like a good option for the initial cost but factoring in the fills over time and the fact that it is not always there makes the blower win.

It's a much better all around way to go although on my C5 I had a procharger and added nitrous later. REALLY woke up the car :D
When I had just nitrous it was fun but you almost have to plan ahead on using it. Bottle has to be filled, up to temp, open, etc.

04-06-13, 02:05 PM
I had a fully bolted eclipse with nitrous and let me just say it was a headache to get the car set up for it. Pulling timing, tune, new clutch. Then once it's in you gotta keep the bottle filled, you don't know it's empty till mid way thru the race..just a pain stay all motor.

04-06-13, 09:21 PM
fully set up nitrous 2k fully set up eforce witjh everything 7.5-8k. The price difference is astronomical. Pulling the nitrous real easy should be able to get 60% of the price back for the kit. Pulling an SC and setting it back up to run stock much more difficult and a huge loss in money when going to sell the car if you leave it on. Just saying. Do not get me wrong this is my first N/A car every car I have owned has had some sort of F/I. I just dont know if i could justify the 8k on a V1.