: $4 Fix to Door Handle Micro Switch Woes

04-04-13, 08:33 PM
Here's how you can replace those pesky switches:

Follow the handle removal steps in this thread: http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-sts-forum-2005-through-2012/228338-drivers-door-micro-switch-replacement-how.html

If you determine it is the microswitches, order a bunch of these (2/door, and get some spares): http://canada.newark.com/honeywell-s-c/zd30s20a01/submin-basic-switch-pin-plgr-spdt/dp/86R9335?Ntt=86r9335

Remove the microswitch harness from the handle. With a fine screwdriver, remove the potting the bottom of the switches. Draw a diagram of how the wiring looks, and switches are placed in the holder. Once you have removed enough potting, the switches can be pushed out of the holder by pushing up on the bottom (wire side of the switches). Unsolder the wires from the switches (you made the diagram, right?)

Here is a pic with the holder, switches removed, with new switch.

Insert the new switches into the housing. They will only fit in one direction, and their body should be flush with the housing when in completely:


Now, solder the wires accoring to your diagram.


Lastly put potting compound on the connections. Do not use silicone as some kinds can damage the connections due to acid released during the cure. My low tech potting compound was a hot glue stick (it seems to work fine). It may be beneficial to first place the switch harness back into the handle assembly, to check how the wires exiting the switch housing relate to the handle body before potting (otherwise the wires may not clear the handle body).

Installation is reverse to removal, make sure to read the note about this in the removal instructions posted at the start of this thread. Grease all plastic to plastic interfaces, it makes reassembly easier.

Enjoy your work!