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04-04-13, 04:49 PM
Recently I purchased a set of Vogue gold stripe only 225 60 16 97H tires on Craig's List. You know the deal that is too good to pass up? Still had stickers on them and I was not aware they were discontinued and hard as heck to find. 2,500 miles ionto the set driving to Florda and back I damaged one and need a replacement only to find they are not available. I keep checking Craig's but few and far between and need a new one. Car is a rarely driven 56K ETC that is mostly for fun and show. Hate to trash 3 good tires so if anybody has access to one in eith an H or S rating please contact my cell 765-721 4898 Mike Murphy

Most of those found now are w and gold. They look great on my 99 Consours but not so sure on the Eld want to stick to gold.

I know should not drive on dated tires but not driven much.

04-04-13, 08:55 PM
Check Ebay. I just located a discontinued tire in a very uncommon size. I think it was the last one in the country.

04-04-13, 10:01 PM
or here https://www.google.com/#hl=en&sclient=psy-ab&q=vogue+tires+for+sale&oq=vogue+tires&gs_l=serp.1.2.0i20j0l3.49167.55897.0.58252.19.13.0 .,or.r_qf.&fp=de2a6ee2d9e31ee1&biw=1157&bih=712

04-08-13, 04:51 PM
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