: BLS Sat Nav

04-04-13, 09:37 AM
My BLS petrol wagon is now just over 3 years old, no problems at all considering it sat in store before sale for at least 18 months ( body number suggest 2008)
I would like to upgrade the SAT NAV disk which is dated 2008 any ideas.
I know that a tom tom would be cheaper but would like to keep my full spec.
I took the ridiculous base speaker out of the spare wheel position and put is a spare wheel. at 65 years old I don't require that amount of base.
I run the car in France for some of the year using ethanol. It prefers a mix not pure ethanol.
Thanks for the site its very handy.

04-04-13, 04:57 PM
Chris, hi. To be honest, I'd forget about upgrading the sat nav disc. I enquired two years ago with the then agent in Sweden who weren't particularly interested and then stated to me that even if I could obtain an up to date sat nav disc from GM, it would cost 600, yup, that's right, six hundred quid. My own discs are dated 2007. They are in my humble opinion, pretty useless now. You should note also, that although the Saab 9-3 uses the same sat nav system as our BLS, the GM software is tailored specifically to the model of car, so even if you got updated Saab discs, they won't work.

Trust me, if I could obtain legally, a bang up to date sat nav disc for my own in car system that was a realistic price, then I would, but as it is, I use TomTom Live HD on my Go Live 820, which is superior in every way to the in car nav system. Yes, I realise it is yet an additional bit of kit stuck to the windscreen, but the fact is, it is beyond comparison and gets me from door to door via postcode, something the in car system cannot do. I keep up with the map updates too, so I pay about 26 a year, which last year, gave me 18 months of map upgrades or six new maps as they are released every three months.

You could of course rip out the in car system completely and replace with an all singing, all dancing sat nav, dab radio and there are some good ones out there from the likes of Kenwood, Pioneer and Clarion, but by the time you've bought the new unit, got all the correct leads, wired it all up (or got a specialist who knows what they're doing to do the job for you), I doubt you'll get much change out of 500 minimum depending on what unit you go for.

I too have a 2008 built car but marketed as a 2009 model. Thankfully, it didn't come with the ridiculous sub-woofer in the spare wheel well. I managed to get hold of a genuine Cadillac 16 inch alloy wheel in 'as new' condition with an unused tyre on it for 80 quid and shoved it in the wheel well.

If you want to know the exact build date of you own car, give Baur Millet in Manchester a call, give them your VIN and they'll be able to tell you exactly the day it rolled off the production line. You might find your own car was actually built in 2006 or 2007. My own car was built in May 2008 and I bought it in March 2010 as a new car at a huge, huge discount!

04-05-13, 07:01 PM
Thanks for the update. I guested that was going to be the answer. I put a full size wheel in the car but just a steel not alloy, it does. I have only done 17000 miles and other than brake pads, no problem. my purchase was Jan 2010 after seeing a write-up in the Sunday Times as a best discount buy. 13,000. The dealer in Truro had about a 12 of various specs but they were all the same price 13K for petrol wagon 14.5K for deisel
I found a saab site with the date of the build 2008. The car had everything on it and I hope not to buy another car for at least 10 years. its a bit hungry in town 22 -23 MPG but on the French roads I get just under 40 at a constant 70MPH ( with regular petrol) but only 32-34 with ethanol.
I load the music on MP3 disc and use voice control to change tracks with all the other gismoes (blue tooth etc ) I would have had to pay 25 to 30 K so I may look into a saab upgrade.
Have you heard of any benefit in fuel consumption with a re-chip? As a petrol turbo I believe there may be a benefit but don't know.

04-06-13, 12:10 PM
Chris, hi again. I bought my car from the same dealer as you, though mine is the diesel and has a lot more in common with the Saab 9-3 equivalent.

I get about 35 to 38 mpg around town and generally 50 to 52 mpg on motorway runs, which is pretty good in my opinion.

With yours being a petrol model, I'm assuming that it uses the equivalent petrol engine as fitted to the Saab 9-3 petrol model?

As far as chipping goes, you'd probably be best to leave that well alone. It's bad enough as it is having very few places we can take our vehicles to just for diagnostic checks, in my case either 60 or 90 miles. Milton Keynes do check mine on Tech 2 on each service, Baur Millett applied updates to the vehicle on its very first service and I had the auto locking on drive off enabled.

I too intend keeping my own car for many, many years. Had it three years now and it has 26500 on the clock, which is obviously me averaging just under 9k a year. Had to replace the rear brake discs and pads at 19.5k, but did it myself for 100. Brake pads, use genuine GM, cheap enough, paid just 12 for a brand new set of GM front pads from a Vauxhall dealer, but I think they were probably a last set, so that is why they were so cheap.

Only thing I'm worried about in the future, is replacement of the exhaust, though again, I think it is a standard Saab fit system. If all else fails, I'll have one made in stainless steel. Oh, and in case you weren't aware, if your windscreen needs replacing at all, it is a standard Saab 9-3 windscreen from your equivalent build year. You just need to ensure that the fitter replaces the auto wipe sensor.