: Opinions on towing without the tow package, well sort of.

04-03-13, 08:03 PM
So I have an 09 V8 and before I do the complete conversion I wonder if I should just give it a try and log the results.

The 09 has the bigger trans cooler and power steering cooler of the V92, I am missing the dual push fans and the engine driven fan (some don't have the engine fan). I have the big single electric pull fan.

I will be pulling about 3500lbs.

04-03-13, 08:46 PM
You are towing at the max limit, so, keep an eye on the trans and do not tow in OD. I tow a 20 foot open bow boat all over and it tows great with no problems and the 04 did not have the "Tow Package", I just added a hitch and pulled away. The 09 has the trailering button, which basically keeps it out of OD.

04-08-13, 06:50 PM
I added the dual push fans and a fan controller to my 04 N* AWD and the setup works well. Retained the stock electric fan as a conversion to the engine mounted unit not mechanically possible. Front of the engine is different. Always runs cool.

04-08-13, 08:05 PM
You know it for a fact that you can't add the fan or you think?

From what I found it is possible and not hard, I just was not sure I wanted to do it, I don't want to add a fan controller and wanted to let the ECU do it so for me it is kind of all or nothing.

The other thing is 09 got the bigger trans cooler, all the 09's get the V92 trans cooler.

07-09-13, 12:41 PM
so how feasible is towing a huge uhail trailer full of antique furniture on an 04 awd n* without tow package. what precautions should be taken?

07-09-13, 01:10 PM
Define huge and how heavy?

07-09-13, 02:02 PM
big enough for a dining room set consisting of:
solid black oak dinner table with built in extending leaves.
8 chairs
buffet piece dont know what its called
dresser looking thing dont know what its called
corner piece dont quite know what thats called either.

its all pretty thick solid wood...though i dont know the exact weight

07-09-13, 03:00 PM
What does the trailer weigh?

Your only issue is going to be a small trans cooler, that being said you are rated to tow 2000lbs, so if the trailer is that much then use caution and keep your foot out of it. That being said you will need trailer brakes as well so why not just rent a uhaul with a motor and call it a day.

07-10-13, 12:03 AM
Is the 4,200 pound Northstar towing capacity only for ones with the tow package option that has the coolers? PJ

07-10-13, 10:21 AM
Yes, 4250 for V6 or V8

07-10-13, 11:22 AM
Oak. That is easily over 1,000 pounds of furniture. I have an entertainment center, oak, and empty that is 450. PJ