: Need to buy this. Whats it called?

04-03-13, 07:25 PM
I need to buy this part, but I have no idea what to search to order it. I want an all black one. Because I'm buying all black rims and then im blacking out the tail lights. So I really dont want a dark grey of whatever this is. lol.

Second though: should i paint it?

04-03-13, 08:56 PM
Valance/diffuser. Everyone has their own name for it. From Cadillac they are all that grey color no matter the car color. Some of the aftermarket stuff replaces it. I painted mine black to match the car and many other people have. Search for it in here a the rear lower valance or diffuser or something like that and you'll find it.

04-03-13, 10:50 PM
Try plasti Dip
I did it all over and it looks great

04-04-13, 01:16 PM
Thanks arw! I foud some after searching for that. And, shimiddy, i was thinking about plastic dipping them, but I live in Houston. If you knew the weather down here, OMG, you would hate it. It the stickiest, hot, but randomly cold af city on earth. Most bi polar, by far. I plastic dipped a few things on my friends Jeep, and it has to get re-done every month or two...

And, Wow! your car looks amazing! Have you had to re-do it since 9/2012? If not, I'm definitely going all in with the plastic dip!

04-05-13, 01:08 AM
Well im in ottawa canada.. so we get the hottest of hots to the coldest of colds haha
All the dip still looks amazing. I have one spot on my passenger side chrome trim around the door to touch up: i think someone used the snow brush a little to aggressively
But i bought the plasti dip thinner so i wont have to peel it all off, just repair 1 spot
I dont know why your weather would affect the dip. hopefully you did it right

04-05-13, 02:01 AM
If there a specific way i should do it? I bought a case of the plasti dip today. So, I got more than enough cans. I just want to make sure that I can tape up all the parts i dont want to hit with the dip. How did you do it so perfectly? I REALLLLLY want to get started on the dipping, ASAP! lol, PLZ let me know!

04-05-13, 02:13 AM
Like i said spend an hour on youtube watching "fonzie" and dip your car. his early videos cover the simple technique of application. lights, but many coats.
Shoot the spray can from all angles on the same surface
Mask an inch larger than what you want. a nice big extra spray will make it easier to peel away
Use directions on the can for time between layers
Clean the surface super good. and DRY DRY DRY with paper towels. you cant have a drop of water it will ruin everything.
OOh and place drop sheets all over your car... the dip over sprays ALOT on places you dont even think it will hit and you'll be finding little black specs everywhere. Yes they come off easy but why make extra work

04-08-13, 04:09 PM
Alright, so I'm going to start today. I'll be taking pictures, and I'll post them here, hopefully your guidelines and steps help me! if i'm doing anything wrong, HELP! Lol.

04-10-13, 07:21 AM
It's so easy ! Just spray it :)