: Fixing/moding the car or move to something else ?

04-03-13, 06:06 PM
Hi all,
I'm not that happy with my car but I like it! it's love/hate relationship.
I have the car paid in full, and just got myself a nice house with a garage, so i'm ready for taking car apart and do some fixing!
I was thinking instead of buying something else and go through the whole finance shenanigans i can just keep this one and do some fixes and mods
the car is fine in general, it may need shock/suspension (MRC) replacements in the near future and rear axle seal fix but that's about it!, car runs fine and no problem at all, except on hard turns sometimes the truck thinks its slipping and activate the stability control, which is weird everything else is good.

one of my projects to consider is doing OEM navigation swap, please don't give me the cadillacfaq link please :P i have read and re-read that and still have questions !
how similar is that to the SRX ? it's CTS and there are some differences or at least that what i think, i've been checking some ebay links and the back of the unit looks different from what in cadillacfaq.
what's the VSS (veh. speed signal) job ? can I just skip that step? if so what will NOT function ?
the 2nd mod/project is heated seats, I have no idea how to do that and didn't do my research on that yet :P i did some swaps before but all non-heated all from manual to power seats or the other way around (power cloth to manual leather).
and do you think these mods justify their value ? like the navigation unit right now around $500 on ebay, do you think i'll get that back when i decided to change the truck ?
btw if you where asking what in my mind to change it with i was thinking of getting a bigger GM truck GMT900 or GM-Lambada


04-03-13, 10:10 PM
Man, you never get back an investment in a vehicle. If you keep the vehicle, upgrades are a personal investment. They make you happy so it's good! But if you decide to sell it or (shudder) trade it off, you're not goinmg to get any extra cash for the upgrade in reality. The blue book will show an increase in value overall. Don't think you're going to net a few extra thousand or so for fixing it.

The nav unit in my 2008 Corvette was disc based, therefore, it was limited to the information burned on the disc. I bought the Corvette new, but the nav disc was already obsolete. lol. Plus it wasn't exactly effortless to operate. I had a Magellen nav unit that was so difficult to operate, I actually had to refer to the owners manual. The Garmin unit I had was extremely easy to run. However, these units are prone to have outdateds maps as well, despite the "updates" that can be downloaded for them.
I figure it's the same with a nav unit in the Cadillacs. Do you just want one to be built in? What's in the space now? 6 disc cd changer?

The nav system running google maps on your phone is the way things are headed (actually already there) The updates on these types of navs are updated using real roads not updates to fix glitches in the nav unit software.( I'm looking at you Magellen )

Take the 500.00 and get an Android phone and use the nav system on it. You'll have enough left over to buy a car or windshield mount, too. I personally have on that mounts to the floor with a long goose neck that adjusts where I want it. I don't mean to bash on your preferences, I'm just trying to give you my view of the nav units.

04-03-13, 10:43 PM
Buy an Android 8" or larger tablet for around $250 and get a GPS/NAV App for it.. I have 5 of them on my tablet and really like them all, most of them for various reasons. Probably favorite would be Sygic.. Constantly updated and upgraded. I was thinking about the swap also, but what rdgfx3 said about NAV systems makes a lot of sense. Except I would buy a good cheap android tablet you can even get a mount for it for the center stack.

Aftermarket heated seats are reasonably easy to install.

I would keep the SRX just for sheer Uniqueness. You really don't see many, very few, first gen SRX's on the road. But, everyone seems to have a GM truck/GMT900. :cool2:

04-03-13, 11:54 PM
Yeah that's what i'm doing now, using my Galaxy3 for navigation thou i don't use it much, only when i go out of my comfort zone or to avoid a road or go out state otherwise i never use navigation.
and No this car is not special here at all! every time i go to work or school I see at least 2-3 on the road and most of them are driven by ladies :canttalk:
my idea was to do something to the car, to break my "boredom" and i thought navigation is something i always wanted my car to have.
also I need the heated seats for my bad back, but now the summer is coming.
Yes I have the 6 CD changer now
I saw some people do that where they change their Navigation with tablets but i don't have the wiring knowledge or the artistic touch to mess with my dashboard shape to fit the tablet in :(

04-04-13, 08:43 AM
Well if installing the OEM NAV system on your SRX is something you've always wanted to do. Do it.