: Power LOSS

01-08-05, 06:10 PM
I own a 97 Deville i was told that i had a blown head gasket and i needed to replace the egr valve. I got the diagnosis on the problems sept of last year . I have since replaced the egr valve . but before that or even now the car has not overheated but since the egr replacement there has been a considerable power loss . the car is approaching 100k is it tune up time . the coolant was low once but hasn't been since i beleive its a slight coolant leak its on the way to be repaired as we speak. what can i do to get true diagnosis on the problem and is head gasket on the northstar a difficult job. any advice will be gladly appreciated. thanks again.

01-08-05, 08:42 PM
search search search! You'll find ungodly amounts of info on headgaskets for this engine. Good luck, and beware the un-experienced N* mechanic.