: Question about ordering an ATS

04-03-13, 08:51 AM
So I have just under 3k miles left on my lease. I'm getting down to the time where I need to start making decisions on what I'm doing. I am most likely going to order my ATS 2.0T Premium RWD manual with Sunroof and Cold Weather package. Here are my questions:

- I realize that the dealership can not legitimately quote you on the car until it comes into the dealership, because incentives change and programs change. But, can't they mock up a scenario using the current program information, just to give you a sense of where it's going to be?

- I'm having a hell of a time picking what color I want, now that the Thunder Gray Chromaflair is gone. I'm thinking of either going with Silver or Blue. The only caveat is that if I go with blue, I'll be getting the black interior, when I really want those carbon fiber trim pieces, but they have red in them! If I went with silver, I would get the red interior, because it would look nice in my opinion, and with a lighter colored interior, it could make the cabin seem more roomy (mind games lol). Anyone have any thoughts? I know I'm kind of all over the place. I don't want the light platinum interior because I'm just not a fan, and when you clean it, it doesn't pop and stand out the same way the red or black leather would.

- I'm thinking that I can probably get a payment down around $450 a month for the premium mentioned with 36/12k lease, having the conquest rebate and a GM friend authorization. I would of course put first payment and plates down only. Does that seem doable? I have multiple dealerships within about 80 miles here in Rochester NY so I have options. I would hate to start a bidding war, but it makes it very difficult if I'm ordering the car I imagine.

Thanks for any advice or help provided

- Future Proud ATS Owner

04-03-13, 05:09 PM
Around here, dealers have a really nice inventory 50+ cars, so you might be able to find one you like in stock, maybe even in a color combination you can't order any more. Start by searching the online inventory lists. Depending on how well manuals sell in your area, you might be able to a a deal on one that a dealer is afraid he'll get stuck with. I know last year, dealers around here over-ordered manual Regals and you could name your price.

At least go to the dealer and see what color combinations actually look like. :)

04-03-13, 05:25 PM
I was in your situation when it came to paint color. Wanted Opulent Blue more than Radiant Silver, but I HAD to have the Morello Red interior. The only combo "I wanted" was go with silver to get red interior. It became a smarter choice than I have smarts.

You'll absolutely love that combo and with the carbon fiber accents, it'll leave you in awe. Did for me....."shock and awe" is what it does for your visual sense. I can send pics?


04-04-13, 08:35 AM
investor - I've been to the dealership oh so many times lol. I think I'm just going to order silver with the morello interior and be done :). Up in Rochester, I don't know that manuals sell too well. Most of the vehicles are also AWD, people don't know how to drive in the snow :D. One dealership has the exact car I want, but in White Diamond Tricoat and a black interior. I'm definitely not paying extra money for a color I don't want, otherwise I would go for it. I want to time the delivery of the car right, but it seems like everyone is having varying experiences with wait times on orders. I'll probably order within the next two weeks, so I'll get it hopefully no later than second week in June. Perfect timing for when I take a trip down to Long Island to my old stomping ground.