: Sunroof noise.

04-02-13, 05:35 PM
Okay the other day I was driving my kids 2013 Altima with the sunroof open and was astonish at how quiet it was. The sunroof noise level in the XTS is very loud in comparison. I don't use the roof anymore because I can't hear the radio for the wind noise. I have looked at adding a sunroof shield but I don't want it on my new car. At this time I doesn't see any other alternative to deflect the wind. Any suggestion are appreciated...

04-02-13, 11:16 PM
I don't find the noise out of the ordinary when the roof is open, but I do find it very loud when tilted forward. So much so, that I no longer tilt it. As info. my wife drives a 11 LS460 and I find it much noisier than the XTS when open. It also buffets terribly if the windows and roof are opened. Since it's still cold in the DTW area I haven't driven my XTS with the roof open and the windows down yet this Spring :(