View Full Version : Anyone Have to replace bearings?

Motown Cad
04-02-13, 05:29 PM
I've noticed an almost like buzzing noise coming from wheel area when I drive alongside a curb and the sound gets reflected back up. I don't think it's my new rotor or pads but am not sure. Has anyone experienced a wheel bearing going out and what were the symptoms? Thanks.

04-02-13, 07:14 PM
Not on my V, but have had them go out on other cars. Steering first to the right then to the left while going down the road can accentuate or diminish the sound, at least in the vehicles I drove.

04-02-13, 07:31 PM
I've replaced 2 wheel bearing assemblies. They are expensive even if you DIY. Had one on the rear that was on its way out...make all sorts of noise. One up front that was kinda quiet but had deviation - it was on its way out.

In both instances I was racing...the rear was screaming during racing at Sebring and the front I noticed after doing some auto-x and checking my tires.

04-03-13, 01:35 PM
possible to get a vid?

04-03-13, 08:30 PM
Nope, I didn't use a gopro for something like that. You can pull your wheel and check yourself for rotation smoothness or if there is any slop - check the nut too. It would be quite obvious if you had a bearing failure. If it's in the early stages, it could last for awhile until noticeable sounds are present and handling difficulties. The hub assembly is quite robust and you can drive it for a little while with a bad wheel bearing - just don't take any trips with it.

I actually have the old bearing assembly that went bad laying around in my garage - can't guarantee I will make a video anytime soon showing the failure but I might get bored this weekend!