View Full Version : 05-10 STS HID/OEM Driver Side Headlight

04-02-13, 12:34 AM
05-10 STS HID/OEM Driver Side Headlight. The headlight is only 6 months old. No cracks or discoloring of the lens. There is a small (1 inch) scuff in the lower right corner that's not noticeable when mounted.(Pointed out in pic.)Could be buffed/polished out but I don't have the tools or time. All mounting brackets on light are in perfect condition. Needed a passenger side light and silly wife thought light would fit on either side so when she found one in such pristine condition she bought it as a surprise. LOL If only it would fit the other side. I have several pics I can email you and answer any questions. Or, if anyone can explain how to upload pics let me know and i'll post them asap. Paid 400$ for light asking $300 shipping included, but will entertain all offers. Better condition than any on ebay that are listed for much more. Its a steal for anyone needing a replacement or wanting to upgrade to HIDs.