: radio interchange

01-08-05, 02:19 PM
I just got a radio w/ cd changer controls out of a 96 seville. I want to install it in my 96 deville. Do I need any unlock codes. Also does my deville have the wiring for the cd changer in the trunk hidden behind a panel. I installed radio but the sound was very low and the controls did not work. Any help would be grateful. :hmm:

01-09-05, 09:39 AM
Did you ever get an answer to this? I just got a 1996 Deville and I'm looking for a CD Player to change out the Casstte Unit it came with. E-bay is loaded with Cd Head Unit coming out of cadillacs/etc. But I was wondering the same thing. Will I have to deal with unlock codes, and what will fit or not fit. Thanks. Pete:bonkers:

01-09-05, 10:50 AM
not yet. but I need the same questions answered.

01-17-05, 09:30 AM
OK this is the deal since nobody seems to want to want to take a couple minutes to answer this.
This is what I have so far. In my research I have not found even one 1996 Deville out of the factory with a factory in dash cd player. The only option for that year in the Deville were the cd changers in the trunk unit with a 10 pin connector. Some had the optional BOSE amplified units some did not. Most didn't. The early Bose systems are not as good as the later units so you are better off getting a Deville with just the standard head unit. Bose speaker are amplified at the speaker which make tham incompatible with everything else and so they have to be replaced. If you want decent sound you're going to want to at least amplify and/or replace the factory head and replace the factory speakers with some high end stuff like infinity Kappas or something else with subs anyway. I'm partial to Infinity equipment but its certainly not the best, or the worst. But it does kick pretty good though. Depends on personal preference. The wiring is supposed to be there in the trunk overhead for the CD changer even the vehicle was not ordered with that option. E-bay has changers on auction all day long for this application if you don't mind spending between $75 and $150 dollars. Crutchfield seels one that will work for about $150 also. Its a simple plug in. Also some other GM units with the tem pin connector with work (corvette/buick/Impala). There are a couple of companys that sell a "remote" interface unit that can be used even after you replace the factory unit, to still allow you to use you steering wheel controls to change stations/volume or basically do anything the aftermarket remote was programmed to do. You will need to have gotten an after market head unit with a remote however and it shoudn't be a Sony because those are said to be the least compatible for these purposes..... I'm getting ready to tear mine down next week so if you have any more insight ... or corrections:bighead:,... its appreciated.


01-21-05, 09:07 PM
:hmm: ok you have answered part of the question. But the main Part Is about the radio. If you have a deville with cd changer in the trunk you have to have the head unit tape/cd not tape/fm. I have both but the unit plays very low with no controls working. The radio is from a 96 seville. the clock works. there have to be a lockout code. I can't see caddy using to different radios in two cars the same year.