View Full Version : HUD Media Info on Track Change

04-01-13, 04:51 PM
I'm wondering why when playing local media (USB/SD etc...) the info displayed on the HUD for a short period of time (I leave mine in speed/tach display) is the album and track title as opposed to the artist name and the track title?..

It'd seem much more useful to see the artist name and track title.

I'd guess this isn't intentional, or maybe I just don't get the use of seeing the album name instead of the artist. My ID3 tags are correctly formatted (the main CUE display shows correctly).

Codeman, if you'd come out of hibernation (we haven't seen you in a while) and comment, it'd be appreciated.

04-02-13, 10:32 PM
I see the same thing with track titles. In fact I leave them on the HUD most of the time since I know the speed limits to get to work and home. If you are listening to the radio HUD shows the top 2 lines that are on the CUE Screen. If listening to USB or SD Card it shows the second and third line showing on the CUE Screen. Since the top line is the artist and the second line is the track title and the third line is the Album title, it would make more sense to show the first two lines so you'd see the artist and track title.