View Full Version : The Cadillac Corral returns to the Long Beach Grand Prix April 21, 2013 (EARLY REG!!)

Dr. Design
04-01-13, 04:44 PM
The Cadillac Corral returns to the Long Beach Grand Prix April 21, 2013.


Cadillac in conjunction with D3 will once again host the second annual "Cadillac's & Coffee" event that serves a precursor to the day long festivities at the Long Beach Grand Prix. In an effort to support Team Cadillac Racing's efforts in the Pirelli World Challenge, Cadillac owners and enthusiasts will converge on the premier Cadillac tuning facility - D3 Cadillac in Signal Hill, CA. Owners will once again rally and share their passion for the Cadillac brand of vehicle in the morning at D3 prior to the big race. Promptly at 9:30AM cruise participants and Cadillac Corral registrants will assemble a cruise to Downtown Long Beach and will be officially received by Cadillac & Team Cadillac Racing.


Cadillac Corral spots are limited and will sell out. D3 affiliates will be given preferential early access for the Cadillac Corral registration for THIS WEEK ONLY (April 1st-5th, 2013). After this date registration will be opened up to everyone else thus selling out. Be sure to register & RSVP for the cruise as you will not want to miss out on the largest Cadillac event of the weekend.

For more information please visit http://d3groupinc.com/

Thank you,

D3 Cadillac

04-02-13, 02:24 AM
I just purchased a day pass package thing! absolutely have to go, it's right next door (thanks for posting this). I can't believe it's that time of year again. I was stuck in slavery the Army this time last year...

D3, I've also emailed you at info@d3groupinc.com requesting a spot on the waiting list for the cruise. (I'm not affiliated with D3, but my handle begins with D3, does that count)

cool beans!

//my V last week, passing through Arizona after taking an unplanned detour with my grandmother to Grand Canyon for a day (she and I agreed: my parents could wait).

She wanted to stop for pictures of the mountains, so I used the opportunity to get pics of the car.

[only showing the view from the rear--seeing the front is a privilege! rofl]

here is the unretouched, original image. (http://i.imgur.com/Sp3OoX9.jpg)

now that my annual inspection is renewed, the front windows are receiving limo tint again. should be sometime this week, definitely before the 21st (I have to peel it off every year! but for no emissions? worth it! you jelly?)

the rancher even has a Chevy parked out front. Flag could be bigger, though. Nor was this in Texas ...j/k, this picture makes me feel 'murcan as ****

04-02-13, 08:37 AM
Did the V-Series Corral thing at the Detroit Grand Prix on Belle Isle a couple of years ago. Absolutely GREAT time! They treat you like kings and queens.

I'd tell anyone, if you get the chance to go, do it!

04-02-13, 09:48 AM
I might even be able to entice a GIRL to go with me!

Dr. Design
04-02-13, 01:54 PM
Awesome! You will love it. It's a great experience and one that every V owner should have. Cadillac does a great job tying in the racing efforts and the enthusiasts aspect of the event. Looking forward to seeing you at Cadillac's & Coffee / Cadillac Corral.

Thank you,

Dr. Design
D3 Cadillac

Dr. Design
04-04-13, 07:30 PM
BUMP!! Spots are filling FAST! more than halfway sold out. Make sure you register this week. Don't forget to RSVP for Cadillac's & Coffee too.

Thank you,

Dr. Design
D3 Cadillac

04-04-13, 07:34 PM
save me a spot in the back of the corral, cuz my V is plain jane and I'm just a tag-along...

thanks for adding me to the cruise~!

04-04-13, 07:41 PM
Hey dude. I live in Signal Hill and just got a 2004 V. Got some mech issues I'm trying to work out, but excited to be on the team. :)
Pretty sure I'll drop the ca$h for the day pass. See you there!

Dr. Design
04-04-13, 07:45 PM
Cool! Swing on by if you are in the area. We always have plenty to see.

Thank you,

Dr. Design
D3 Cadillac

Hey dude. I live in Signal Hill and just got a 2004 V. Got some mech issues I'm trying to work out, but excited to be on the team. :)
Pretty sure I'll drop the ca$h for the day pass. See you there!

04-21-13, 10:06 AM
I can't get ready fast enough


04-21-13, 10:59 PM
small double post bump...


The experience provided by Cadillac was top-notch. first-rate. laid-back. All the food and snacks you could want, all day long. The Corral and refreshment/rest tent was less than 200 meters from the grandstands, and the CTS-V R team allowed us to get an up-close look at the Rs. The grandstand tickets were each printed with a price of $80, and according to my rough math, parking would have been $20 and far away, food another $20-$30 for two, and the logistics of attending the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach as an unaffiliated spectator would have been a task in itself...

instead, D3 opened the doors to their delicious shop, and led a conga line of Vs down the freeway and straight into the VIP Corral. ...which was -right- on the water, fenced, and manned by security guards.

for $150, we had an amazing time and there was no headache -what- soever.

Thank you D3 for hosting the cruise. I'm -so- thankful you posted this reminder (I never would have come up with the idea to attend Cadillac's event on my own).

the experience was simply... amazing. what a day. what a deal.

Pictures! (each image has a gear icon which contains links to full resolution views and downloads... though even those are half-res)

first off: an album of every V in the Corral today. (http://imgur.com/a/2oacp)

There might be one or two repeats--I took at least two shots of the wagons and may have missed the duplicates before uploading this album.

also this loosey. a face-meltingly beautiful Matte V (http://i.imgur.com/rNsXdhx.jpg) which was blocked the first time I made my round down the corral.

The only bad part of my day: A slow, sloppy, horrid, underpowered Hennessey V which I was subject to the torture of being stuck behind through the streets of Long Beach. (http://imgur.com/a/CpJfN)

some Glamour Shots (http://imgur.com/a/f9OIR); I shot the half-exposed frost blue V because it's what I saw as I came out the back of D3's shop area. I looked up and suddenly there was this beautiful, glowing V coupe that commanded my legs to bear sharply left to expose the rest of the car behind the wall as quickly as possible.

other stunning sights (http://imgur.com/a/zGfW2)

lastly, a panoramic image of the Cadillac Corral from Grandstands #24, located at the outside of the hairpin turn. (assembled with zoomed-in shots against a zoomed-out background. Panorama (http://www.mediafire.com/view/?2dsu290zgxuvqql) | (download link) (http://www.mediafire.com/?2dsu290zgxuvqql)


I am glad I went with a buddy. had I brought a girl... well, I'm not looking for another girlfriend. (the D3 cruise and the Cadillac Corral was/is one of those enabling activities that will help make things go horribly right).

mine and Jonathan2169's Vees, in the street in front of D3 waiting to depart. I think the grey and black look great next to each other, down to the gunmetal vs black wheels. negatives.


another panorama (http://i.imgur.com/nyx1VvJ.jpg)

04-22-13, 10:09 AM
Great fun this weekend. There were a few more cars than last year. The World Challenge race was the best racing of the day, so I won't spoil it since I don't know when it airs. Best seats in the house are at the end of the front straight. Lead car never blocks going into that turn. Makes for some very brave moves.

Love the cruise through Long Beach. We are all definitely turning heads. 10's of thousands of horsepower rolling in sync. If you didn't attend this year you should try to next year. I think they limit it to 80 cars or so.

D3l7a3ch0...Pics of almost every car :)

04-22-13, 12:24 PM
gah! no way! I was sure there was (only)maybe one missing.... but if what you're saying is I missed yours 1: I'm sorry and 2: that makes the second one I missed

I must commit seppuku for the honor of my family...........

04-22-13, 01:48 PM
HAHA @ commiting seppuku.

As detailed by D3l7, the experience was first rate all the way with some amiable Cadillac owners. My co-pilot has already reserved his seat in my ride (unofficially!) for next year's event. Although he is leaning towards getting a V2 just to one-up me. ;)

And D3l7, great spending time with you getting my exhaust lined up Saturday, and hanging at the cruise/race on Sunday. You did an awesome job of taking and cataloging the pictures from Sunday. Thank you thank you!

Looking forward to the edited D3 GoPro vids. Not sure how much of the ruckus will make the cut, but I hope it all does!! ;)

04-22-13, 05:13 PM
:-D you don't know it, but I hope we get to do more work on your V--I'm going to
take you up on your offer for the extra hands, and I need to build up some credit
with you because when I do it won't be for something small

I'm jealous that you discovered Corsa exhaust on your car the way you did on
Saturday. It's the one I want

I spent some time as a professional mechanic, but it was only so that I could do it
as a hobby later on--and now seems to be that "later on." making elective upgrades
to Cadillac CTS-Vs on the weekends... life is good, man.

and it's pure fun when you're working on a car with someone else.

as for the effort, that's just time and I had fun--it flew by. and I need things
to feel good about....

and I'm glad I finally reached out to someone on the forums.

I'm proud of that washer trick I came up with, too. :)

as for your buddy wanting a V2--I heard him say it, but it didn't register that he
was looking to one-up you. dude let him (I love it when people gun for me)...

at first glace, taking on a used Cadillac is a bad idea, but it's not the case with the
V1. there are smarter options for transportation, but if you have a taste for driving
something nice but don't want to spend a lot, the V1 is it. LS drivetrain will have
parts for years (did you know the import drifters yesterday were using LS motors?
everyone except ford and mopars are shamelessly moving to LS--so the drift culture
is a whole new source of demand to keep LS lines going)

the V1 has the potential to go the way of the Grand National--known for being mean,
modded, light, and feared.

if you want to let him spend a bunch of money, let him--maybe even act upset
about it (hahahha)

one-upmanship. so I was the first of my housemates to move from the mustang and
camaro tier to luxury sport... my roommate dropped 55k cash for his M5--but upgrades
are stupid expensive, and I saw an appraisal amount for it some months back--35k.
so in his one-upmanship effort he has lost the value of my V1--if he sells the M he
has nothing to show for it

his car depreciated the value of my V... shoulda got a V2...

so let 'im. if a person goes chasing after things that other people want, they deserve
what they get

I wanna drive your car sometime, to see what the suspension is like. going with
lower profile tires on the front changes the caster angle, and makes it twitchy-er...
I'm curious how well it goes with the lowered suspension. you'll know I think it's
awesome if I refuse to let you drive mine...

so which one of us is Oliver Twist and which one is Artful Dodger?