: Got some Easter love

04-01-13, 12:11 AM
Took the ATS to the in-laws today for Easter dinner. Lots of family over there and those folks acted like they hadn't seen a Cadillac since 1985! With comments like , doesn't look like a Cadillac it's sleek/ how long have they been making cars that look like this? Ect ect...
I had to briefly explain Art & Science and the fact I had a 2003 CTS that was the beginning of the new Cadillac. They took turns getting in it and marveling at the fit and finish.
Lots of complements, I was happy to bring those folks up to speed with what the brand's been up to for the last decade.

04-01-13, 04:51 AM
Smart move, although it was unintentional! :D It is always a good idea to move the attention from yourself to something else when you are with in-laws or especially when you are with your GF's family! :D