: ATL STS-V round-up

03-31-13, 07:01 PM
I'm late but I'm going to see if these owners are on here. I saw these cars in the last 2-3 weeks around the city of ATL

I saw a blk guy driving a blk STS-V on Peachtree with I think Illinois tags.

Saw a blk STS-V at Phipps with Emory stickers

Saw a silver STS-V near GA Tech, the owner thought my STS-V was a CTS-V.

Any of y'all here?

04-02-13, 09:45 AM
for some reason there are a number of Vs here inAtl--funny at church last weekend a guy parked next to me in my V--plus there are 5 other guys who have one--we have to meet up again soon bob

04-09-13, 02:50 AM
Hey, Im here.

But I wasnt in any of those areas as of late. Currently I'm resideing in Cobb County. I'm driving a Blk STS-V...