: 2008 DTS misfire issue

03-31-13, 05:46 PM
Hello, this is my first post but I used to frequent the forum for advice. I just got done replacing two coil packs in the front bank of my 2008 DTS. I discovered a year ago that I had some bad coils. Replaced all 8 and now two in the front went out again. I had some old coils that were still good so it runs fine now... However I do wonder why coils would go out so fast. I've seen other posts about bad grounds and connections but everything seems fine. Spark plugs look good they were replaced too. Any suggestions?


Extra info, I'm not a mechanic just cheap I like to do my own work. I work on electronics so it was easy to figure out it was the coils. I bought new coils on eBay for cheap, but I highly doubt two were faulty at the same time.

04-01-13, 10:48 AM
Thought newer caddys used 4x coil packs or "modules"? U can separate each individual coil? Older caddys had the 2x coils or 4 per motor?

04-01-13, 10:59 AM
Late 2004-on use individual COP ignition - the coil itself is on top of a short boot - each drops onto each plug and can be removed with one bolt through a common alignment plate.

to 1999 = 4 coils, 8 wires
2000 - 2003.5 = 2 coil "cassettes" of 4 coils each
2004 - on has 8 individual coils.