: Ordering vs. Finding

Chuck C
02-02-03, 07:51 PM
What's the big deal about ordering a car the way you want it. Does it cost more? Take too long? Or is this a misconception?

What's the point of having a dozen cars with different options for sale when the buyer is looking for specific options?

thanks for the feedback everyone

p.s. this post pertains to new cars only

Dead Sled
02-02-03, 08:00 PM
typicaly ordering can take months but you get EXACTLY what you want no ifs ands or buts. The price is the same no matter if you order it of if its off the lot, its all in the bargining. The various cars on the lot appeal to drivers who cant wait and are also used to demonstrate all the options . there may be a car on the lot that has everything you want but the color is wrong so you either deal with it or find one thats the right color but may not have something else. Dealers can exchange vehicles if another has something you want but cant wait to order it. So if you just have to have your way order it.

the Sandman
02-02-03, 08:10 PM

02-03-03, 01:54 AM
Back in the day when I worked for Gunn Acura, the Gunn Corp. gave their employees a break and allowed us to buy any car at only $100 over invoice when ordering or $50 if over if you bought one of the cars off the lot. Mostly if you order the car it means you want the car exactly the way you want it because you plan to keep it for a long time.

02-03-03, 08:39 PM
what about incentives?
do you get the special incentives when you order? I remember saying dealer delivery only on most commercials.

02-04-03, 05:49 PM
Most of the time, dealers charge the exact same amount if you buy it off the lot or order it. But, most of the time dealers will charge less if their not moving cars off the lot. I dont really think they you get any special incentives that you dont get when buying off the lot. There is 1 downside to ordering, THE DEALER FORGETTING! Yeah, it happened to me. When we ordered our GTP, we called and asked for the status and they said that they forgot it. We have been dealing with them for a long time, and i thought for sure that they would give us some sort of incentive. NOT. Oh well, I got it now....

Dead Sled
02-04-03, 09:43 PM
their incentive is knowing you they will bend you over in the service department after you get the car