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03-30-13, 11:35 PM
i wonder if any 1 has done this, the fuel lines going to the sending unit you know you need a special tool just to get it off,my question is can you just cut the lines and use clamps???? it would just make things so easier.

03-31-13, 01:11 AM
I have clamps and rubber lines going from front to back on my fuel injected car. The problem is getting them off without crushing the line. You cant snip it cause it will crush the line and you cant saw it cause it might cause a spark. You have to get to it with a small pipe cutter.

03-31-13, 01:24 AM
Never thought of that,because it do got a plastic tube in the hose right

03-31-13, 01:40 AM
No plastic tubes that I know of, all metal. Where are you looking to cut the line?

03-31-13, 02:26 AM
im not talking about cutting the metal tube on the sending unit i was talking about the hose that connects onto the metal tube, there a retainer clip thats in a metal cupling thats attached at the end of that hose that i wanted to cut off then slide the hose over the metal tube on sending unit then clamp it


heres the lines im talking about the 2 that connected, the 1 on the right started leaking on me, i want to cut the metal tab that on the end of the hose then just slide the hose over the sending unit hose then clamp ithttp://i49.tinypic.com/34hf7lc.jpg

03-31-13, 03:14 AM
To disconnect those type of lines you need a special plastic tool.. It goes over the steel line and then is pushed in to the coupler then it will release the hose..

03-31-13, 06:56 AM
Dude, go get the right tool. It costs like $5.00.

Tom C.

03-31-13, 08:59 AM
The tool is really cheap. But you might not be able to just slide that old rubber over the metal part because the rubber hose is really old and is probably gonna crumble when you clamp it down. I'd bet it feels really hard. I'd follow the hose towards the front of the car and see if there is any other bad metal you can cut out and get a new rubber line that goes from the pump to the good metal.

03-31-13, 12:16 PM
i know you need a special tool to take it off,i stated that in my my first post

03-31-13, 04:29 PM
Yes, you need the tool. Also, use a line repair kit. Every parts store has them. You just match the line size and connector.

03-31-13, 04:34 PM
i swear i wish i can just cut the end of the hose and slide the hose over the tube and use a hose clamp:(

03-31-13, 07:32 PM
You can't. You need a hose repair kit. It's high pressure fuel hose.

03-31-13, 08:07 PM
well that being said i guess ill just do the o ring and new retainer :crybaby: